Saturday, September 21, 2013

Goal #1976: Be Able to Die with Some Scars on my Body With Some Cool Stories Behind Them

I have met so many people with scars on their body and have wanted to ask them the story behind the scar(s). Of course, I had enough tact not to do that, at least until I got to know them well enough so as not to offend them. But it is always fascinating to hear the stories behind how a person gets a specific scar. I remember meeting a man in the Philippine Islands who showed me 9 bullet hole scars across his arms, chest, neck, and stomach, each scar the size of a quarter. What a remarkable story he had to tell.

Below I have listed the scars I have on my body and how they go there.
  • A scar on my chest below my left breast. (That story is going to have to wait for another time.)
  • Way too many facial scars (from teenage acne and having a hair spray can in a fire pit blow up in my face.
  • A big scar on my left knee from a serious leg infection that almost ended up with the loss of my leg.
  • Various scares on my head from blows to the head.
  • Many scars on my hands and arms, some from fights with my brother.
  • Hernia scars from a double hernia operation.
  • One at the base of my back from a surgery to repair a herniated disc I damaged during a climb in the mountains.
  • Several scars on my legs from really stupid childhood pranks and dares that went bad.
Just enough scares to add some interests in my life without being so badly scared to feel like a side show freak.

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