Bucket List-Goals Accomplished

My Bucket List of Things I've Done

Below is a list of the things I have accomplished from my Bucket List. I've been keeping a list of things I've wanted to do long before the movie came out. I officially "bucket-ized it" a few years ago when I read about someone keeping a running total of things they wanted to do and things they've accomplished. This list will keep growing as I keep expanding my list of things still undone.

Feel free to comment or offer suggetions for new things I can do. I'd love to read what you have to say. Until then, I hope that reading this helps motivate you to go out and do something you've never done before. Go ahead, life is far too short to put it off until tomorrow.

1. Plant 1,000 trees--In Progress (78 trees planted so far)
2. Create a gratitude list and continue to add to it
3. Write and publish a book   
4. Travel to all 7 continents--In Progress (North America, Asia, Australia)
5. Leave some of my DNA (3 drops of blood) in all 7 continents  √  In Progress
    (North America, Asia, and Australia)
6. Read 1,000 books and magazines--In Progress
7. Return to the Philippine Islands   
8. Sponsor more than 1,000 KIVA micro-loans--In Progress (currently 1,492)
9. Perform a marriage  
10. Perform a funeral and a burial  
11. Get bounced from a scheduled commercial airline flight and be
     “appropriately compensated”.  
12. Enter something in a cooking contest and win a prize  
13. Visit all 50 states in the United States--In Progress
14. While serving as a bishop, experience a ward split  
15. Establish a brand new branch of the church somewhere in a foreign country  
16. Visit at least 50 different LDS temples  In Progress
17. Create a collection of our favorite Anderson family recipes
18. Get comfortable using chop sticks
19. Have all my wisdom teeth pulled
20. Throw a surprise party for someone 
21. Learn to cut my own hair  
22. Learn how to make a German pancake  
22. Read Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway  
23. Take some cooking classes  
24. Establish an oral history program for Lindon City  
25. Visit sacred places throughout the world 
26. Get my Wood Badge award from the Boys Scouts of America   
27. Buy central air conditioning for my home 
28. Have my house completely paid off   
29. Be more mindful of miracles that happen around me each day
30. Read The Pearl by John Steinbeck  
31. Tell Donna each day that I love her 
32. Have a hand in saving a marriage   
33. Be more obedient 
34. Be more kind 
35. Go to Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California) 
36. Give hope to others who have little or no hope  
37. Continually seek for greater light and knowledge  
38. Experience some awesome things in nature
39. Do something that truly tests my limits 
40. Marry a woman who I’m absolutely gaga in love with and who
      will accept me for all my faults and "unique personality traits.”  
41. Watch the American Film Institute’s top 100 inspirational films  √ In Progress
42. Take time to meditate like I used to
43. Have some absolutely awesome kids  
44. Get up close to a live active volcano  
45. Climb to the top of a volcano  
46. Soak in a hot pot that is warmed from underground springs heated
      by geothermal activity  
47. Raise bees and extract honey from a bee hive  
48. Write more thank you notes to people 
49. Run a 5 K run with Donna  
50. Runs several 26 mile marathons 
51. Run a 50 mile marathon--Two of them so far  
52. Fast for 24 hours (no food no water) 
53. Climb a mountain that is  higher than 12,000 ft. 
54. Climb a mountain that is higher than 14,000 ft. 
55. Write my own personal list of Things that I Have Learned in Life. 
56. See Shakespeare performed in the park  
57. Eat lobster in Tonga 
58. Go on a completely spontaneous road trip  
59. Eat Durian
60. Kiss a my love on the top of a Ferris Wheel  
61. Record my father’s oral history  
62. Have a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger   
63. Watch the video What the Bleep Do we Know  
64. Talk to at least 10 strangers in a single day  
65. Ride a mammal that is as big as a horse or bigger  
66. See Les Miserable performed by a professional Broadway acting troop  
67. Stay at a 5 star hotel  
68. Listen to the 10 best musical masterpieces of all time  
69. See how fortune cookies are made (I want to see how they put the fortunes in)  
70. Work for a nonprofit group   
71. See how maple syrup is harvested and made into a finished product  
72. Bicycle to work    
73. Join a book club  
74. Quite a book club  
75. Experience a Salmon run  
76. Go Salmon fishing  
77. Grow flowers and give them to people who would enjoy them 
78. Work in a soup kitchen or a food pantry  
79. Watch one or more Broadway plays performed with traveling professional Broadway
      acting troops 
80. Send a message to someone using a helium balloon
81. Learn something from a Shaman 
82. Visit a butterfly sanctuary  
83. Attend a small town festival or celebration
84. Visit an Indian Hindu temple
85. Start a fire with no matches or lighter 
86. Find and buy the perfect “cochie bochie”  
87. Buy a new furnace for my home 
88. Digitize selected family photographs that come into my possession  
89. Go on a cruise with Donna 
90. Take Donna down 9–Mile Canyon and show her the Indian pictographs  
91. Make possible a life changing surgery for someone in a developing country 
92. Go the Pike’s Market in Seattle and watch them throw fish through the air  
93. Give a woman in a developing country an opportunity to get an education 
94. Ride in a submarine 
95. Watch the video titled Mind Walk   
96. Organize a “Trick or Treat for Hunger” food drive  
97. Do everything I can to locate one or more of the three photograph collections
      that I know exists somewhere.
98. Visit Escalante Grand Staircase and Calf Creek Falls 
99. Go on a train ride to some place outside of Utah 
100. Bury a treasure chest with treasure in it and let one of my children find it 
101. Serve in the Young Men’s program of the Church   
102. Experience the Indian Hindu Festival of Colors 
103. Watch 15 of the greatest movies of all time (as ranked by the American
        Film Institute) 
104. Build a fish pond in my secret garden 
105. Plant a large asparagus bed 
106. Climb a coconut tree like the tuba gatherers do in the Philippine Islands 
107. Raft down Flaming Gorge
108. Collect more insects 
109. Do something illegal  
110. Do a bicycle trip of 75 miles or more 
111. Get caught in a tropical rain storm 
112. Learn to play chess  
113. Play 1,000 games of chess 
114. Keep a nature journal  
115. Keep a 250 gallon aquarium 
116. Make a 100 gallon terrarium 
117. Live on an island for more than a month 
118. Go on cross country trip with a friend 
119. Own ½ acre of land and make it into a restful eye pleasing place with an orchard
        and lots of flower and vegetable gardens. Best of all it needs a secret garden with an
        arbor and a stone path with moss growing in among the rocks.
120. Experience a grunion run in real life  
121. Take someone to witness a grunion hunt along Doheney Beach in Dana Point,
        California. (Yes, grunion are real!)
122. Go out into the woods and cut down my own real Christmas tree 
123. Eat a papaya, a Rombutan, and a Lanzoni in one day 
124. Read Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle 
125. Craft an awesome summer tan 
126. Run up the two killer hills on the old running trail at the end of California street in
        Capistrano Beach
127. Do a run for charity  
128. Watch the movie Young Frankenstein 
129. Do an adventure with my brother Tom at least once a year 
130. Watch some Monte Python movies 
131. Record the GPS coordinates for Bumble Bee Rock in the Anza Borrego
       desert  (Native American sacred spot marked with the shaman’s X)
132. Index and/or arbitrate half a million names using the FamilySearch Indexing website
133. Visit Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, Canada  
134. Own a pair of incredibly comfortable shoes 
135. Go see the childhood home I grew up in
136. Ride the train to Chicago 
137. Stay the night in a lakeside cottage 
138. See the mass migration of a wild species 
139. Go to the Sawdust festival in Laguna Beach. 
140. Swim in the pools of Battani 
141. Plant a more than 50 or more lilac bushes in my yard
142. Experience the monsoon season 
143. Visit the cool La Bufadora blow hole outside of Ensenada, Mexico
144. See a cool blow hole in Samoa 
145. Go away for a romantic weekend with Donna 
146. Make up a cool story about one of the many scares on my body
147. Go to a movie at a theater that costs only 25 cents  
148. Have a dog for a pet 
149. Have a cat as a pet 
150. Do something (besides mucus in any way, shape or form) come out of my  nose 
151. Regain the 30 pounds I lost in the Philippines 
152. Hike to the summit of Santiago Peak near Saddle Back, California (5,686 ft.)  
153. Hike up to the summit of San Jacinto peak with Tom without staying the night at
        the midpoint to acclimate (10,833 ft)   
154. Hike up to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos with Tom
155. Climb at least 10 of the mountain peaks along the Wasatch Range
156. Hike to Skunk Cabbage campground on San Jacinto Mountain  
157. Take a photography class in school  
158. Listen to the owls in the forest at night  
159. Watch the full moon rise from and set into the ocean  
160. Hike and explore in the Anza Borrego Deseret
161. Do a comedy routine on stage
162. Tell night time stories that scared the begeebers out of those who listen
163. Go to the Minnesota State Fair 
164. Move to Southern California (but not anywhere near Los Angeles)
165. Join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and stay committed
        to living what it teaches for the rest of my life. In other words, I don’t want to be a
        fair weather Mormon.
166. Receive the Aaronic and Melchezidek Priesthoods
167. Be ordained an Elder
168. Be ordained a High Priest 
169. Take an evening class to learn something fun, something I want to learn but don’t
        really need to learn 
170. Have my yard registered as a Certified Wildlife Habitat 
171. Register my brother Dan’s yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat  
172. Build or purchase 10 or more bird houses, bird feeders and/or bird baths and place
        them in our half acre yard 
173. Serve a 2 year full time mission to anywhere where the Church sends me 
174. Identify at least 100+ species of birds from places I’ve been around the world 
175. Identify at least 200+ species of plants from places I’ve been around the world  
176. Buy some awesome kites and fly them  
177. Take some fun trips exploring the U.S. with Donna
178. Create a place in our garden where Donna and I and the kids can enjoy a nice fire
        with friends and family  
179. Be more mindful to celebrate life each day 
180. Go into the wilderness and find the hair of a mouse (getting it from a mouse nest or
        an owl pellet does not count)   
181. Refresh the wilderness survival skills I learned at the Tom Brown Wilderness School
        and learn some new skills  
182. See that every member of my family has the opportunity to visit another country  
183. Provide an opportunity for as many children as possible to get an opportunity for
        a good quality education  
184. Do something crazy and spontaneous   
185. Donate 40 pints (5 gallons) of blood and red platelets.  
186. Anonymously pay the dinner bill of someone or a couple who are poor college students   
187. Find the perfect statue to put in my secret garden 
188. Leave a legacy “worthy of all acceptation” for my posterity   
189. Identify 5 of the most popular operas and learn what I can about them, and develop
       a greater appreciation for them:
    • Carmen 
    • Marriage of Figaro
    • La Traviata
    • The Barber of Seville
    • La Boehme 
199. Do a night dive with scuba gear 
200. Scuba dive into an ocean cave  
201. Go to an Olympic venue  
202. Stay in a beach house on a beach or hotel in southern California  
203. Find something really unique and bizarre in the mountains 
204. Go paintballing 
205. Lose a portion of my memory because of a blow to my head 
206. Watch a movie at a drive in theater 
207. Give away a Christmas Jar to someone who really needs it 
208. Work in an industrial sized kitchen 
209. Belong to a sorority 
210. Stay in the Blue Lantern Bed and Breakfast Inn overlooking the harbor in
        Dana Point, California  
211. Create a perfect place of solitude where I can go to meditate, do Tai Chi, and
        completely relax   
212. Listen to at least 20+ presentations from the Ted.com website  
213. Save someone’s life   
214. Inspire someone to be better   
215. Visit an authentic Indian Kiva  
216. Reestablish a relationship with an old friend  
217. Help create a library somewhere that is in serious need of books (in a school, town,
       senior citizen center, another country, etc.)  
218. Leave more $ bills on the ground or in vending machines for other people to find.
        It always makes someone’s day to find money on the ground.   
219. Experience Kundalini   
220. Win the Peeps challenge  
221. Do Utah’s 5 awe inspiring “bucket list” adventures (this list was created by someone
        in the news staff of the Deseret News  
222. Visit the tide pools in the cement basin on the far side of cove #2 at the bottom
        of 1,000 steps in Laguna Beach, Calif.
223. Drive to California and take part  in Holly (my niece) and Danny Warren’s wedding
        in the San Diego Temple
224. Catch fireflies (and then release them so they don’t die)
225. Save all my change in a change jar and at the end of each year, use it to do
        something good for someone else   
226. Make a lime drink from scratch using fresh natural ingredients and topped with
        fresh mint leaves 
227. Store a year’s supply of food   
228. Learn about the Peace Pilgrim 
229. Become a Reiki Master 
230. Drive the Coast Highway (Hwy 1) through California up through Oregon 
231. Scuba dive in the Caribbean 
232. Do 15 things that will create eternal ripples of consequences on the pond of
        humanity’s universal existence 
233. Buy something on E-Bay 
234. Buy something from a street vendor 
235. Swim with the manatees in Puerto Rico  
236. Learn how to do 10 fun things on the  internet 
231. Learn how to make lemon curd 
232. Tie-day a tee shirt   
233. Give something that means a lot to me, to someone else
237. Learn more about world geography
234. Tell a female stranger that she is pretty, hopefully without offending her or making
        her think that I’m some kind of pervert trying to make the moves on her 
235. Do a night hike up G Mountain (with no artificial light)  
236. Get to  know ALL the new members who move into our ward   
237. Take more pictures of my loved ones and my friends   
238. Take a cross country road trip with my son Jesse in a foreign country  
239. Conquer one of my fears (TBT by me)   
240. Hike the established trails at Arches National Parks  
241. Do more to romance my sweetheart Donna
242. Take more time to relax, drink more of my favorite herbal teas and read more
        interesting books  
243. Get a medical checkup once a year and a dental check-up twice a year
244. Teach more young teens how to tap into their God given gifts and talents to make
        their lives more productive and fulfilling  
245. Find a way to get tires for Sandra M’s car so she and Zulma can drive safely to
        their new jobs during the winter months  
246. Befriend someone who needs a friend  
247. Buy a gift for Elder David Demkie that I know he will enjoy. Elder Demkie is a
        Down’s Syndrome boy I know who volunteers at the Church Office Building 
248. Stay the night at the Inn at Temple Square before they tear the place down 
249. Eat at 100 memorable restaurants (See Appendix 6)
250. Call a radio station and dedicate a song to someone 
251. WIN something cool    
252. Buy a box of Twinnings strawberry mango herbal tea and enjoy it with some
        Marie Louise cookies with my son Jesse. We will enjoy them around the Christmas
        tree with just the tree lights on 
253. Be someone’s mentor   
254. Sleep under the stars  
255. See my children get a college education   
256. Begin the habit of doing an act of kindness each day by carrying out 100 random
        acts of kindness within three months  (See Appendix 7)  
257. Become scuba certified  
258. Shop more yard sales and buy clothes that I can give to Remi Mataoa to give to his
        Filipino friends who come to Salt Lake for General Conference.  
259. Walk through a grave yard at midnight   
260. Make “Pay it forward” my life creed   
261. Take an I.Q. test  
262. Enjoy a walk through a beautiful bamboo grove 
263. Help Kim L. know that her family’s bishop really does care about her   
264. Do something to help my sister Mickey’s passing be a positive experience for her
        and for the rest of the family    
265. Plant something new in my garden that I have never planted before  
266. Grow an awesome herb garden that provides us with all the herbs we need in
        any given year  
267. Help each of my sons get their Eagle Scout award  
268. Revel in my existence   
269. Eat dog meat  
270. Eat a rattle snake  
271. Eat Iguana meat  
272. Eat a grasshopper  
273. Visit Chinatown in Los Angeles and San Francisco  
274. Have fun teasing Jesse with the our psycho garden gnome   
275. Learn how to use my subconscious mind to learn things that cannot be learned
        in books   
276. Share some of our family’s chocolate meringue mushrooms with people who have
        never had them before  
277. Plant and care for my own fruit orchard  
278. Find 10 ways to find joy in the winter months  
279. Plan next year’s garden  
280. Visit and do a dip in 4 of the world’s major oceans 
281. Let Jackie Meyer know that she is dearly missed    
282. Help Michael lose another 80 pounds 
283. Find the world’s best chocolate  (See Appendix 8) 
284. As I complete the previous goal, I will share that chocolate with someone who I
        think will really enjoy it   
285. Call my mother more often   
286. Fix the gas fireplace  
287. Quit procrastinating and start pruning my fruit trees when I’m supposed
        to (like before they start blooming)  
288. Name a star after Donna  
289. Sleep on a beach  
290. Be followed by a moon shadow 
291. Swim in the pools along the Ortega Highway in California on a night with a full moon  
292. Do a biology study project along the Ortega Highway  
293. Go to a rock concert  
294. Witness a car crash  
295. Visit a Native American reservation  
296. Visit and experience the 7 wonders of the modern world (according to USA Today
         survey) and bring something back to remember them by 
310. Send someone an anonymous gift with a note telling them what a good person they are  
326. See more Cirque du Soleil circus shows on DVD or in person   
311. Write a letter to my future self  
238. Visit the Redwood forests in Northern California 
239. Hike through the jungle  
312. Do the Christmas cruise down the Provo River   
313. Watch a live standup comedy show  
314. Get 10 people to start creating a bucket list of their own
315. Have a sea anemone wrap its tentacles around my fingers 
316. Buy a cool tie from a Salvation Army store and wear it to work multiple times
317. Take my son to an Owls baseball game in the summer time
327. Find an Indian artifact (and leave it where I found it)  
328. Find someone from my youth and let them know how they have influenced my life   
329. Get an I-Pod touch and start downloading talks, music and talking books to my
        heart’s content   
330. Find greater joy in the small things in life 
331. Attend my niece Holly Anderson’s wedding in San Diego, California  
332. Did an ice plunge in a health spa  
333. Enjoy a meal in a café or restaurant in a fishing village along the ocean   
334. Live my life using the following thought as my life motto:            
                             When you were born,
                             You cried and
                             The world rejoiced.
                             Live your life
                             So that when you die,
                             The world cries
                             And you rejoice.

335. Start weight lifting to strengthen and rebuild my arms and upper body strength
336. Get healthier inside and out
337. See Mayan and Aztec ruins 
338. Fall hopelessly and unconditionally in love  
353. Walk on a glacier  
339. See a mountain lion in the wild 
318. Ride in a limousine  
319. See a water spout  
320. Leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress  
321. Have a favorite shirt that has soft, comfortable and had lots of red in it
322. Learn how Paprika is made 
323. Take a ride on a ferry
324. Take a ride in a glass elevator 
325. Organize a fun raising event 
326. Know someone who was hit by lightening and ask them what it was like 
327. Play volleyball on the beach
340. Accept a dare that pushes me out of my comfort zone  
354. Sleep overnight in the stone house at Emerald Lake near the summit of
        Mt. Timpanogas  
341. Go to at least 25 countries throughout the world  √  On Going            
355. Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar  
356. Survive living in or visiting some place dangerous  
357. Visit the birthplace of some of my ancestors   
358. Cultivate AMAZING and remarkable friendships   
359. Watch the whales migrating and/or romping in the wild  
360. Be truly 100% satisfied with my job  
342. Serve on jury duty  
361. Read the story The Man who Planted Trees and help reforest a piece of the
        earth (See goal #1)
362. Find a geo-cache   
363. Spend quiet time in the wild watching and observing animals  
364. Encounter something dangerous when swimming in the ocean   
365. Confront a large animal head on in the woods  
366. Rock climb with my children  
367. Be more curious   
368. Experience a phosphorescent tide  
369. Survive hitting something very big with my car    
370. Do a midnight walk on the ocean beach    and On Going
371. See a red tide   
372. Buy something vintage and wear it 
373. Go to a fund raising dinner  
374. Own a Venus Flytrap plant
375. Live in a house where the rats are as big as cats
376. Learn how to pickle olives  
377. Learn how olive oil is made  
377. Gather and donate 1,000 cans of food for the local food bank  
378. Complete the 76 things a Man Should Know How to Do (a modified version)
        from the Esquire magazine (see appendix 9) 
379. Add at least 10 submissions to the FamilySearch family history blog   
378. Write an article for a nationally distributed Magazine  
379. Whenever I see a child with a Kool-Aid stand, top and buy something, pay
        with a $5 bill and tell the kids to keep the change  
380. Visit all the Spanish missions in California 
381. Leave a detailed account of my and Donna’s life behind so that our posterity will
        have plenty of resource material to know who their great great great great
        grandparents were. It will also help to  document all the stories that survive about
        what a great person Donna was and about how odd and weird I was   
382. Visit an ancient site   
383. Read and understand my credit report   
384. Write to my congressman and voice my feelings/opinion about something I feel
        strongly about  
385. Each year, identify a new good habit I want to incorporate into my life  
386. Help people heal some of their old wounds   
387. Change someone’s mind about something they feel strongly about  
388. Eat fried green tomatoes  
389. Skip all of my San Clemente high school reunions, except the 20th
390. Live my dreams    
391. Learn more about Marco Polo 
392. Leave a message in a library book 
393. Carry a totem in my pocket and then give it away to someone as a token of
        something they should do with their life.  
394. Cultivate a “mystique” about me that keeps people guessing what I’m really
        all about.   
395. Do the Mentos challenge  
396. Give up my seat on a bus or train for someone who may need it or out of
         respect for an older person or a handicapped person 
397. Bring home something useful from the dumps  
398. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff I bring home from the dumps  
399. Witness some kind of astronomical phenomenon   Solar eclipse
400. Spend more quiet time in the desert   
401. Keep visiting and exploring the Rock River  
402. Live instead of just existing  
403. Make a complete and utter fool of myself  
404. Witness and live through a natural disaster   
405. Visit Screaming Lizard Rock where there are dozens of matate holes and the
        spirits of old Indian ladies grind their acorns   
406. Take time to meditate and pray each day  
407. Discover something new to be passionate about every year   
408. Eat seafood that is fresh out of the ocean  
409. Make things happen. Live by the motto, “IF IT IS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME”   
410. Take a secret to the grave 
411. Write something that I can submit to the Family History Wikipedia  
412. Be comfortable handling my taxes, Jehovah's Witnesses, my bank account, and
        telephone solicitors  
413. Explore Zion’s National Park and hike the trails there  
414. Find fascinating people and listen to what they have to say  
415. Keep my passport current so that when an opportunity to travel to a foreign
        country comes along, I can grab it  
416. Be completely debt free.  
417. Keep up with my daily journal   
418. Live my life deeply and with passion   
419. Continually remind myself to “never completely grow up.” 
420. Buy something at an auction  
421. Learn more about George Washington Carver
422. Expand my culinary skills  
423. Get up early enough each day so that I can have my quiet time to study,
        read enlightening books, ponder and pray   
424. Learn some useful (yes, I really mean useful) time-saving tricks and shortcuts
        to make my life easier and more productive   
425. Do all I can to give more to the world than I get 
426. Learn more about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch   
427. See the Carl Bloch art exhibit while it’s at Brigham Young University  
428. Do something to improve the environment    
429. See how hot dogs are made   
430. Eat at Joe’s Café in Orem, Utah  
431. Study and learn more about frequencies    
432. Get up close to a wild mountain animal  
433. Get back in touch with some of my mission companions and associates  
434. Find the 2 missionaries who taught and converted me to the LDS Church 
435. Get my priesthood line of authority for my ordination both as an Elder and
        as a high priest 
436. Reestablish contact with some of the Filipino people I taught as a missionary  
437. Put flowers on the graves of those who have died so long ago that there is
        no one left to remember them  
438. Be better about laughing during very stressful times 
439. See some of the early church history sites    
440. Create 5 beautiful things 
441. Take time to visit our ward nursery at the Church and be with the little children
442. Read stories to the kids in the ward nursery
443. Attend more family reunions  
444. Compost my yard, garden and tree clippings and other organic refuse   
445. Go 4-wheeling in Mexico  
446. For once in my life, I want to fly 1st class on an airline  
447. Make eating veggies and fruits a much bigger part of my daily diet 
448. See auras (the kind that shine around a person’s body) 
449. Own a safe  
450. Put something more valuable than our chocolate and other goodies in our safe   
451. Write something that over 1 million will see and read 
452. Create a salsa worthy of being ooowwwwhhhed and aaaawwwwed over  
453. Teach a child how to do something really fun  
454. Teach a teenager how to do something really cool  
455. Teach an adult how to do something really cool  
456. Study world religions 
457. Rent a safety deposit box at a bank 
458. Create several recipes for amazing chocolate chip cookies and sell the recipes
        through the mail  
459. Learn how to breathe fire  
460. Own a GPS device (and know how to use it)  
461. See a volcano spewing lava in real life  
462. Take joy in life’s great harvests    
463. Read the 11 most significant lyrical poems written by American poets   
464. Create a memorial fund on behalf of my sister Michelle Gay Anderson Perkins
        with Deseret International  
465. Visit some of the world’s great underground caverns and caves 
466. Earn my Heart of Scouting award  
467. Don’t be afraid or shy about asking for help
468. Decide What My Magnum Opus is  
469. Read all the published poetry of Mattie J. T. Stepanek  
470. Do something to improve my community   
471. Find the place that makes the best hot dogs in America 
472. Have a psychic tell me my future  
473. Bike Slick Rock in Moab  
474. Bike Gemini Bridges in Moab  
475. Bike Onion Creek in Moab  
476. Listen to coyotes howl in the night while camping  
477. Go down deep into the earth in a mine  
478. Hike down into the cone of a volcano  
479. Listen to someone’s life story   
480. Learn to be more patient 
481. Enjoy the success of others as much as I enjoy my own success
482. Age with grace and dignity 
483. Not play solitaire on my I-Pod for a month  
484. Go to Disneyland 
485. Take all my children to Disneyland  
486. Find the perfect clam linguini recipe, preferable one that duplicates the recipe
        used at Baci’s and at Caputo’s  
487. Always remember to listen to both sides the story   
488. Write a secret on a card, attach it to a helium balloon and let it fly away 
489. Teach kids to be more aware of plants and animals around them and teach
        them their names and habits  
490. Gather 15 plants and animals from the wilderness and eat them 
491. Walk through a BIG maze and find my way out  
492. Go to a storage unit auction  
493. Sign up to be part of a recycle program  
494. Go to a hot air balloon festival  
495. Keep a dream journal of my significant dreams  
496. Write a letter of thanks to someone who has changed my
497. Ask 10 people to recommend a book they thought was great and read each
        one  √  In Progress
516. Make a list of the 200 coolest experiences in my life—(See Appendix 11)  
498. Watch a silent movie from beginning to end  
499. Make the world a better place for others to live in 
500. Find a killer good chili recipe 
501. Spend less than what I make so that I am not in debt and I have more money
        to experience life with   
502. Make more of an effort to fill my life with joyous
503. Make presentations at the Brigham Young University Family History conferences   
504. Try chocolate with sea salt (really??!!?) 
505. Buy some nice high quality sheets for our bed  
506. Try every type of donut made by Daylight Donuts  
507. Do a big time prank on one of my old school buddies  
508. Find Whitey Hansen and see how much damage we did to this guy’s personality
        by laying him in the Hinckley crypt for the night in the Maplewood cemetery.
509. Try my hand at learning several new skills and get a respectable level of proficiency
        with each of the skills listed below. √  In Progress
    •  - Quality candy making
    •  - Home construction
    •  - Potter (Ceramics) √ Done
    •  - Culinary arts
    •  - Chocolatier
    •  - Creative writing (Poetry, children’s literature, fiction, etc.) √ Done
    •  - Wood Carving  √ Done
    •  - Carpenter
    •  - Information manager  √ Done
    •  - Published author √ Done
    •  - Lecturer/teacher/public speaker √ Done 
    •  - Administrator of a non-profit humanitarian organization
    •  - A researcher of the plant world (think George Washington Carver)
    •  - Teach in a college or university
    •  - Landscape architect  √ Done
    •  - Backcountry survival skills √ Done 
    •  - Astronomer 
    •  - Meditation √ Done
510. Visit the following American national parks and Historic sites
534. Learn more about hoarders and what makes them do the things they do  
535. Try 100 new foods or drinks I have never experienced before 
536. Weed out my home library on a regular basis and get rid of books that I haven’t
        read or won’t read in the next 5-10 years.    
511. Perform or assist a doctor performing surgery or some kind of medical procedure
        on someone   
512. Buy a time share in a place my family and I can enjoy coming to for family vacations  
513. Do a sub for Santa for a needy family  
514. Spend more time outside laying in the grass watching what’s happening in the sky  
515. Discharge a fire extinguisher 
516. Go disco dancing  
517. Spend the entire summer sleeping in a small camper  
518. Go on a sleigh ride  
519. Go back to my old schools and see how things have changed  
520. Find a section of highway and pick up all the trash that people throw on it. 
521. Make a 15 foot chain out of gum wrappers 
522. Write an angry letter to someone who is being a jerk  
523. Own a cell phone  
524. Buy or make a Chinese sky lantern (Kongming lantern) and launch it up into the
        sky (and hopefully don’t burn anybody’s house down or start any fields on fire)  
525. Stay in one of the most high end rentals at the Sundance Ski Resort 
526. Be kind to little children 
527. Eat dinner at La Caie restaurant  
528. Listen to what a Jehovah’s Witness has to say  
529. Take a paleography class on learn how to read old handwriting  
530. Wear flip flops more  
531. Throw a perfect spiral with a football  
532. Catch a really big fish  
533. Eat cassava pudding  
534. Watch sand diggers extract sand from the bottom of a large river  
535. Go down a zip line  
536. Live in a home where I can leave my windows open at night and fall to sleep to
        the sound of waves crashing on the beach 
537. Own a chain saw 
538. Have a “whale experience” with Mark Baxter  
539. Become CERT certified (Citizen’s Emergency Response Team)  
540. Do something that scares the heck out of me 
541. Learn how to cook a great plate of mussels and clams  
542. Speak at the funeral of someone I don’t know   
543. Sleep in a hotel that is just as creepy and spooky as the Norman Bates Hotel  
544. Be grateful for good friendships and healthy, functional relationships  
545. Be the real “ME”. Be authentic   
546. Go to a play in another language that I do not understand 
547. Become an expert at something  
548. Learn how to take a compliment  
549. Find a patient and profoundly powerful mentor  
550. Ride a ferry in the Puget Sound  
551. Find out what is really down ZZYZX Road on Interstate 15 in California  
552. Be a merit badge councilor for at least 5 BSA merit badges  
553. Own a hammock  
554. Sleep the night in a hammock  
555. Visit the San Juan Islands in Washington State 
556. Make an arrow and shoot it  
557. Climb a Mayan pyramid in Central America  
558. Work a graveyard shift someplace  
559. Be completely and utterly awestruck by mountain light   
560. Watch a Halloween play in a spooky castle  
561. Ride a caribao (a water buffalo)    
562. Ride a tram up a very steep mountain  
563. Work for really great bosses   
564. Work for a really bad boss   
565. Be interviewed for a newspaper article   
566. Eat a Krispy Kreme donut   
567. Eat a burger and fries from In and Out Burger  
568. Don’t die until I’m 80 years old 
569. Give up caffeinated soft drinks
570. Do a deep meditation and reach all 4 states of consciousness
571. Own an HDTV  
572. Climb down to a beach cove in Laguna Beach, California called 1,000 Steps.  
573. Write a letter praising the service of someone or a product produced by
        a business   
574. Buy another copy of the children’s  book, The Silly Woman so I can read
        this story to my grandchildren  
575. Hug a tree and see if it’s all people say it is 
576. Sit out on a dock in Puget Sound and listen to the seals and the otters at night  
577. Swim across the Colorado River  
578. Visit Yellowstone Park  
579. Experience the death of a loved one with hope and dignity 
580. Sing as loudly as I want in my car and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks  
581. Play mud football    and loved it
582. Raft the Colorado River
583. Pull off the side of the road and pick wild berries  
584. Eat Ube  
585. Go from beginning to end of Mario Brothers 3 in one sitting  
586. Walk through an orange grove in the evening and enjoy the smell of orange
        blossoms in the moist night air  
587. Hunt rattle snakes  
588. Feed the seagulls at the San Clemente pier  
589. Invent my own unique written language and use it often  
590. Bike the Skyline trail from Ephraim to Spanish Fork Canyon in, Utah  
591. Go to Joe’s Valley to camp and fish 
592. Skype someone  
593. Keep a hummingbird feeder full all summer long so that we have plenty of
        hummingbirds nesting in our yard and in the neighborhood 
594. Buy 32 gifts for Donna’s and my 32nd wedding anniversary 
595. Drive all the way from Lindon, Utah to Newport Beach California and buy
        cupcakes from Sprinkles bakery with Donna and Summer  
596. Make a terrarium  
597. Make a BIG terrarium  
598. Invest in a piece of art and sell it later, making a respectable profit  
599. Have my airline seat upgraded on a overseas flight at no expense to me  
600. Attend the premiere of a film  
601. Learn how to make Indian Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding with Cardamom)  
602. Listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow 
603. Hitchhike somewhere  
604. Win something at one of those stupid carnival games  
605. Live more in the present moment 
606. See more of God in everything around me  
607. Become certified in something  
608. Write a letter (or email) of complaint if and when warranted   
609. Learn how to change the oil in my truck  
610. Do a road trip with one or more friends  
611. Grow my own fruits and vegetables, cook them, dry them, can them and
        freeze them  
612. Eat a big insect of some kind  
613. Flatten a coin on a railroad track  
614. Flatten a nail on a railroad track   
615. Have an organ donor sticker on my driver’s license 
616. Work in a book bindery  
617. See the world as much as I can 
618. Live my life so that I honor my parents and my ancestors  
619. Visit the Cathedral of the Madeline church in Salt Lake City, Utah  
620. Do a walking mediation and reach an Alpha state   
621. Eat pig brain soup  
622. Eat a balut (an egg that is only days away from hatching. It is a very popular
        thing to eat in the Philippine Islands)  
623. Plant a lemon tree  
624. Be able to apologize when an apology is really needed and called for  
625. Burn leaves in the street in the autumn to remind me of the smell of autumn
        as a child in Minnesota   
626. Catch wild pigeons and raise them  
627. Forgive the really mean people and the jerks in life 
628. Help someone by helping them carrying their emotional, financial and/or spiritual
        burdens for a while  
629. Cook more meals with Donna
630. Type 120 words per minute  
631. Capture a wild bee hive  
632. Work in a tee shirt silk screen shop 
633. Own a business that I started from the very beginning  
634. Go snowshoeing  
635. Put money in a street musician’s donations jar  
636. Witness the great toad migration in the Philippine Islands  
637. Raise a raccoon as a pet  
638. Leave change in a vending machine for someone else to find   
639. When I get good service from an employee, write a letter to their boss and let
        them know what a good job their employee is doing  
640. Buy a truck  
641. Find a quiet place in the mountains near a lake and play my recorder
        (wooden flute, not a tape recorder)  
642. Go to Goblin Valley National Park in southern Utah  
643. Play out among the goblins and the hoodoos at night in Goblin Valley during a
        full moon  
644. Develop and rely on my intuition more  
645. Learn how to listen to people better. No thinking of what I’m going to say next
        instead of listening to what the other person is saying. 
646. Canoe on a river or lake in the tropics  
647. Canoe on the northern lakes of Minnesota or Wisconsin  
648. Make a book; a physical tangible book. It doesn’t have to have anything written
        in it,  just make a book by hand using all basic materials and make it with several
        signatures that I sew together to form a real hardbound book like I’d buy in a
649. Improve the quality of my handwriting 
650. Eat a Crown Burger from the Crown Burger restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah  
651. Make homemade butter from natural cream   
652. Bathe in a place called Mormon Falls in the Philippine Islands  
653. Get good at archery  
654. Own a gun  
655. Raise my own bee hives  
656. Ride a jet ski  
657. Spend the night in a jungle, listening to all the jungle sounds and surrounding me 
658. Go on a long trip using a GPS navigator  
659. Go skeet shooting  
660. Experience a typhoon  
661. Run a trap line along the Rock River  
662. Walk on London Bridge and see that it is NOT falling down  
663. Stay in a seaside bed and breakfast  
664. Pray daily  
665. Visit Mt. Hood, Oregon  
666. Visit the Bataan Death March Memorial in the Philippine Islands  
667. Visit the remains of what was left after Mt. Pinatubo volcano blew its top  
668. Eat at a Hard Rock Café  
669. Continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone   
670. Bath in a hot pot at Yellowstone National Park  
671. Find my priesthood line of authority from when I was ordained a high priest  
672. Ride a water weenie   
673. Complete temple work for at least 10,000 of my ancestors  
674. Be good enough to qualify to run varsity track in my 9th grade year of school  
675. Earn my varsity letter from Luverne High School   
676. Earn my varsity letter from San Clemente High school  
677. Help someone begin a truly life changing journey of discovering universal truth 
678. Go night crawler hunting at night in the rain 
679. Create a collection of some kind  
680. Have a Muslim make a sword for me  
681. Compete in speech competitions  
682. Watch dolphins surf the waves in Laguna Beach, California  
683. Design and develop the landscape for a my half acre yard  
684. Never needlessly kill an animal  
685. Study French  
686. Enjoy a fire on the beach during the early morning hours  
687. Prove to my family that I was not mentally retarded when I was a little boy   
688. Take a basket making class and learn how to make some awesome  baskets   
689. Plant a raspberry patch  
690. Plant a blackberry patch  
691. Figure out some way to make it so that Donna and I don’t get lost from each
        other when I go with her to shop at a big store.  
692. Hear the sound a frozen lake makes when it cracks from one shore to the other
693. Watch the horror movie Children of the Corn in a country home surrounded
        by corn fields  
694. Grow Lily of the Valley plants  
695. Buy at least one thing from an army surplus store  
696. Build and arbor and plant grapes to cover it  
697. Build a large raised bed and plant it full of strawberry plants  
698. Build a garden shed  
699. Go shopping in a Muslim bizarre  
700. Learn how to grow a salt garden  
701. Learn how to make homemade wine  
702. Make homemade ice cream  
703. Grow bonsai trees  
704. Do the Yellowstone hike from Beckler Ford to the Hot Pots and back with
        the Bigney family  
705. Learn how to make homemade pasta  
706. Make homemade pasta with the kids and let them help so they can learn how it’s done  
707. Have a family history heirloom quilt made for my family
708. Marry the perfect woman 
709. Always treat my wife with absolute and unqualified love and respect and with
       complete adoration   
710. Marry only once  
711. Marry in the temple and always honor the covenants I make there  
712. Learn how to can, freeze and dry produce grown in my own garden  
713. Work with old people  
714. See the Pompeii Exhibit at Brigham Young University  
715. Buy oil stocks and make money with them  
716. See the King Ramses Exhibit at Brigham Young University   
717. Take a woodcarving class  
718. Own my own landscape company
719. Play tug-of-war over a river
720. Try to find the biological parents of someone who was adapted
721. Go into a frog house where frogs are raised and kept
722. Finish the PADI Open Water Diver Course  
723. Watch two people (preferably a married couple) get into a BIG fight while
        playing the game Risk 
724. Work in an historical archive  
725. Attend a week long outdoor hands on seminar where I learn how to track, learn
        Native American philosophy, and wilderness survival skills from Tom Brown, a
        world famous tracker  
726. Go to San Juan Island, in the Puget Sound in Washington state  
727. Ride a bicycle completely around San Juan Island  
728. Fly an airplane  
729. Go to Alaska and see an Alaskan summer night where the nights never get dark  
730. Build an arbor  
731. Build a stone path through my garden  
732. Find something good in Las Vegas  
733. Eat the onion rings at the Goodwood BBQ restaurant  
734. Be a pallbearer at someone’s funeral   
735. Learn more about Frazil Ice  
736. Play on a school and town ball team  
737. Live in Oregon  
738. Swim in Mona Lake (Utah)  
739. Live by the motto, Happy Wife, Happy Life  
740. Stay the night at the Big Bear ski resort in California 
741. Take part in an archeological dig  
742. Make a fire using only a fire drill that I make myself  
743. Continue doing something to show my love and appreciation for the people of
        the Philippine Islands  
744. Raise animals  
745. Experience a record breaking flood  
746. Run for class office while in high school 
747. Sleep overnight along the Rock River near of Luverne, Minnesota  
748. Sell animal furs at a real trading post  
749. Be on my high school honor roll  
750. Find a sport that I can take part in that Mr. Roberts will NEVER want to coach  
751. See some cool and “once in a lifetime” natural phenomenon  
752. Do the temple work for Miss Weigle  
753. Be on television  
754. Have a paper route  
755. Travel all day in a rickety bus through winding mountain roads in a foreign country  
756. Vote at each presidential election  
757. Sing in a church choir  
758. Stay in that “specially reserved place” in the airport where 1st class passenger wait
        for their flights  
759. Reconnect with my childhood friend Roger Kelderman and his wife
        Colleen Hobina Kelderman  
760. Find the technology that I can use to transcribe audio files into a word
        processing file  
761. Do an internship while in college   
762. Find my good friend Garrett Smith  
763. Plant potatoes  
764. Sleep some place really weird  
765. Go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the family  
766. Take the family and stay at the Disneyland Hotel in California. Not at a hotel near
        the park, but IN the park  
767. Raise an owl as a pet  
768. Buck hay for a summer  
769. Watch a cock fight  
770. Get involved in a spider fight  
771. Be a hamburger jockey for a day  
772. Grow fruits and vegetables to give away to others and/or give to the food bank  
773. Raise tropical fish 
774. Be out after curfew and ditch the authorities in a country where Marshall Law
        is in effect  
775. Live in a mansion  
776. Live in a slum house   
777. Run a trap line  
778. Sit behind a waterfall  
779. Explore Timpanogas cave  
780. Stay under water for more than 2 minutes
781. Own a garden Nome
782. Cross the Equator  
783. Find something good about North Dakota that would make it worth going there  
784. Make something very imaginative and sell it at a flea market, a farmer’s market
        or at a Christmas craft fair.  
785. Have a suit hand tailored specifically for me  
786. Be a legally ordained minister  
787. Own an awesome looking jade plant  
788. Build a new family room and bed room in my home  
789. Visit the “old” relatives to get information from them about our family history and
        locate some unknown sources I didn’t know about   
790. Make my own potato chips  
791. Ride on some awesome roller coasters  
792. Raise chameleons  
793. Learn to downhill ski  
794. Learn to cross country ski   
795. Develop an appreciation for ballet 
796. Own a T-shirt with my son’s band name on it  
797. Learn how to make a great gnash filling  
798. Order hot chocolate from Starbucks  
799. Be there for the birth of each of my children   
800. Earn a 4.0 grade point average for at least one semester of college  
801. Become a certified Museum curator  
802. Work in an archive  
803. Register a house in the state historic building register  
804. Get a state grant and finance a community oral history project for my community   
805. Write some of the absolutely awesome and memorable stories of things my
        brother Tom and I did as we were growing up
806. Vow to NEVER EVER get involved in AMWAY 
807. Build a tree house  
808. See a traveling circus owned and run by a small family circus troop  
809. Go back to Minnesota and do more family history research 
810. Create a gift bag of very nice “life pleasures” and give it to a homeless person  
811. Go looking at houses (and do the tour through the whole house) that
        are wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy out of my league  
812. Give myself a haircut  
813. Through doing my own research, get my family tree back more
         than 15 generations  
814. Do something nice for my children’s school teachers to say thank you for
        all the hard work they’ve done for my children  
815. Leave a thought provoking thought on someone’s car window  
816. Enjoy a night at the opera  
817. Smile at 1,000 strangers  
818. Read more Shakespeare 
819. Take a first aid training course  
820. Google myself and see what I can find  
821. So NO when I really mean NO  
822. Say YES when I really mean YES  
823. Be able to deliver bad news  
824. Go spelunking 
825. Visit a cemetery where plots are rented and then visit the area outside the
        cemetery where the remains of those who “don’t pay their rent” are dumped   
826. Go down a very scary waterslide  
827. Tip toe through the tulips  
828. Find the “mysterious quartz” stone that is said to guard the way to Bumble Bee
        Rock in the Anza Borrego desert  
829. Walk on a bamboo cat walk over a precariously dangerous area  
830. Inner tube down a river  
831. Inner tube down a very long and steep snow run  
832. Visit a candy factory  
833. Eat squid and octopus  
834. Swing from a jungle vine  
835. Be in a video that will be seen by at least 1 million people worldwide  
836. Watch a movie being filmed  
837. Learn how to drive a tractor  
838. Manage a large commercial fruit orchard for at least 1 season  
839. Ride a jeepney  
840. Go inside a WWII Japanese pill box (bomb shelter)  
841. Learn a foreign language good enough to be able to hold at least a basic level
        conversation with someone  
842. Eat a barracuda 
843. Be quoted in a newspaper article   
844. See a demolition derby  
845. Wear a Barong Tagalog  
846. Celebrate All Saints Day in the Philippines  
847. Reactivate someone back into the Church 
848. See a good Elvis impersonator  
849. Stay someplace where I am the only white guy in the entire area 
850. Eat jambalaya in New Orleans  
851. Be awake enough to watch and understand and even carry on a conversation
        with the doctor about what is happening when a doctor performs a surgery on me  
852. Visit some awesome botanical gardens  
853. Wear a Nehru jacket  
854. Own and wear a Nehru shirt  
855. Go to Disneyland (California) at least 25 times  
856. Go paintballing  
857. Leave money on a hiking trail so that someone else will find it with a note to use
        the money to buy a drink or something to eat when they get back into town 
858. Do the free fall from that big tower droppy thingy at Knott’s Berry Farm  
859. Catch crayfish and eat them  
860. Own a Moped  
861. Preserve an artifact to remind me of the profound lesson I learned from an old
        white Indian beggar women in Guatemala  
862. Get good a using chopsticks  
863. Watch the stars where there is little or no light pollution  
864. Walk on the Bonneville Salt Flats  
865. Help perform a tubal ligation  
866. Perform a circumcision  
867. Canoe the endless lakes of Northern Minnesota  
868. Live in a home that has a full time house boy/girl to do all the house work for me  
869. Do a backpack trip that is at least 1 week long  
870. Learn how to cook something from a Cambodian Hmong woman  
871. Be a volunteer for something good  
872. Climb to the top of a Mayan temple  
873. Go to a professional baseball game  
874. Eat lunch in a pub  
875. Walk the stairs to the top of the monument to those who died on the
        Bataan Death March in the Philippines  
876. Own a telescope  
877. Watch an eclipse  
878. Take a midnight walk on a beach (both lake and ocean)  
879. Hunt and kill an animal and then eat it  
880. Own a mood ring  
881. Get rid of my mood ring  
882. Eat pralines in New Orleans  
883. Watch Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone National Park  
884. Go inside a pyramid  
885. Do something to get an incredible,butt-tightening adrenaline rush  
886. Find and use a two-seater outhouse  
887. Pick wild berries from the side of the road  
888. Spend time sitting quietly in a very old neglected and over grown orchard
        on a summer morning and watch what happens  
889. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater  
890. Be engaged to be married  
891. Own my home free and clear, owing nothing to anyone    
892. Sell my own art work  
893. Make my own love beads  
894. Own some love beads and bell bottom pants  
895. Learn how to preserve, restore and repair old books and documents  
896. Have an author autograph a book for me that he/she has written  
897. Walk through a VERY BIG patch of poison Ivy to see if I was allergic to it  
898. See the following animals in their natural habitat
899. Live in a country that is ruled by a dictator  
900. Spend Christmas in a foreign country away from family and all I am familiar with 
901. Ensure the continuation of my genetic memory  
902. Walk on the San Clemente pier  
903. Sing in a barbershop quartet  
904. Learn how to make soap  
905. Tour the Granite Mountain Vaults in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah  
906. Be a well read person 
907. NEVER do a Sudoku puzzle 
908. Go to 10 interesting museums  
909. Walk through a massive field of wildflowers filled with flowers in full bloom as far
        as the eye can see  
910. Carve something out of wood  
911. Make more new friends 
912. Grow some huge sunflowers and use them to feed the birds  
913. Grow a ton of Walla Wall Onions  
914. Hire a lawyer to create a family trust  
915. Do that G.I. Joe thing  
916. Go barefoot more  
917. Experience a root canal  
918. Watch and listen to Sand hill cranes
919. Make ice cream in a can  
920. Attend a cultural festival of some kind  
921.  Buy a piece of art that someone else has made  
922. Complete my Master’s of Library Science (MLS) degree  
923. Follow the food I eat from garden to table 
924. Stay the night at a hotel that has some interesting history to it  
925. Visit the French Quarters in New Orleans  
926. Raise birds   
927. Get someone to pee on an electric fence and see what happens  
928. Take a word or phrase and use it enough with enough people that it becomes
        part of everyday language 
929. Have my wife remove stitches from a sutured wound (on me) rather than go to
        a doctor to have it done.  
930. Read bedtime stories to my children for over 1,000 nights  
931. While doing family history research, discover a deep dark secret about an ancestor
        (one of those fascinating skeletons that are often hidden away in the closets of one’s life)
        that no one in my family knows about  
932. Go through life without breaking a bone
933. Learn how to make my own plant dyes  
934. Learn to ice skate  
935. Do a chain letter  
936. Sing a song on Broadway  
937. Do the river hike at Zion’s National Park 
938. Go back to school after graduating from college
939. Write a song  
940. Start replacing old filament bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs in my home  
941. Get a speeding ticket at least once in my life   \
942. Learn how to play golf  
943. Hike the loop that starts up Grove Creek Canyon, through the meadows on top
        of G-Mountain and back down through Battle Creek Canyon  
944. Have a semi-pro golfer give me some golfing tips to improve my game  
945. Live close enough to the ocean that I can hear the waves crashing on the shore
       from my bedroom window  
946. Create a secret garden  
947. Sit on the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii  
948. Take my son on a treasure hunt with a “real” treasure map   
949. Enjoy more naps  
950. Write love letters to my wife  
951. Make an artsy macramé wall hanging 
952. Expend more effort to live GREEN  
953. Go to a place where the Mimies live in the cracks of the rocks  
954. Play ice hockey on a frozen lake  
955. List 100 things that make America a great place to live 
956. Don’t let others determine who I will be or what I will do with my life  
957. Have a Chinese person give me a Chinese name  
958. Get an article published in the Ensign magazine  
959. Learn to wake up with my mental alarm clock  
960. Buy a hoodie I really like  
961. Drink a Boba drink 
962. Don’t eat sweets for 1 week  
963. Never forget the old abandoned bridge that was out by the Rock River in
       Luverne, Minnesota 
964. Read and learn more about Quantum Physics   
965. Shop at more Farmer’s Markets 
966. Spend a day in Tijuana, Mexico and eat the food from the local food stands
       (without getting parasites or diarrhea)   
967. Walk through the Norwegian Pine forests of Wisconsin 
968. Make a jewel box cake with Donna  
969. Build a remarkable detailed doll house for my daughter, made up of more
       than 3,000 pieces  
970. Learn how to replace and repair a toilet  
971. Learn how to make incredible cinnamon rolls 
972. Train several men so well that they can easily take my place when I am released as
       a bishop and do an even better job than I did  
973. Work in a convalescent hospital for old folks and help them be happy by
       treating them well  
974. Tour the Rice Research Center on Luzon Island  
975. Eat Navaho fry bread  
976. Using the records found at a city court house, do a historical search on someone’s
       home to see if it qualifies to be put on a historical register.  
977. Do that gag where you put dog poop in a bag, place it on someone’s front
       doorsteps, set the bag on fire and then watch what happens next  
978. Visit Pearl Island in Mindanao and spend a day there with friends  
979. Be involved in an event that made national news  
980. Help Beau find himself  
981. Try boxing   
982. Watch the  movie The Sixth Sense  
983. Go on a special picnic with Donna  
984. Eat at Blazing Saddles restaurant in Heber, Utah   
985. See the following volcanoes in person  
986. Allow  myself days that I can enjoy being 100% lazy and completely relaxed   
987. Smoke a salmon (In a smoker, of course)  
988.  Have conversations with friends late into the night  
989. Listen to a wild loon give that lonely sad call on a lake at sunset  
990. Ride on a water weenie  
991. Make homemade catsup using the recipe that my mother used when I was
        a little boy  
992. Put a vegetable in a jar, securely attach the lid and let the organisms consume the
       contents until there is nothing left but water. I want to see that happen. 
993. Eat a Pig Trough at Ferrell’s ice cream parlor  
994. Don’t be afraid to fail  
995. Be more mindful  to speak good of others  
996. Join FTA (Future Teachers of America)  
997. Visit Pipestone Monument (in Pipestone, Minnesota) and watch the Hiawatha
998. Taste caviar  
999. Water ski at Lake Powell  
1000. Water ski at Deer Creek Reservoir  
1001. Fish for salmon on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska  
1002. Eat a roast pig that has been roasted the way the Polynesians do it  
1004. Dress up as Santa Claus with the red suit and the whole getup and do Christmas
         for a group of kids  
1005. Stay at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah  
1006. Eat the perfect Filet Mignon  
1007. Get my patriarchal blessing  
1008. Go into a cave behind a waterfall  
1009. Help compile a second volume of the oral histories of Lindon Resident. It will be
         volume II of  Leaves of the Lindon Tree.
1010. Listen to Arlo Guthrie in concert  
1011. Go for a night swim in a lake, river or an ocean
1012. Get to where I’m comfortable using the authoring tools I work with:   
1013. Do more to minister to the needs of the poor 
1014. Totally indulge my passion for chocolate 
1015. Get a physical every year   
1016. Eat dill pickle potato chips  
1017. Eat potato chips with homemade catsup and Miracle Whip  
1018. Keep in close touch with my dying sister Mick  
1019. Capture a hive of wild bees  
1020. Get into a fist fight at least once in my life and feel the adrenaline rush  
1021. Use Google Earth to visit and explore places I’ve never been or seen  
1022. See the stars from:

    • A houseboat on Lake Powell  
    • Yellowstone National Park 
    • A ship far out in the ocean
    • Scofield Reservoir  
    • The jungle in Central America 
    • An island in the sea  
    • A desert  

1023. Enjoy more of life’s small indulgences 
1024. Donate 100,000 grains of rice using the Freerice.com website 
1025. Find a great quote for my wall  
1026. Eat the following fruits and nuts FRESH from the tree or vine   
1027. Write and publish an article for a nationally circulated magazine  
1028. Visit some place that is haunted   
1029. Get a letter or email from someone famous  
1030. Find a music box with a dancing clown that plays Send in the Clowns (just like
         the one our kids used to have when they were little)   
1031. Create or provide a family heirloom for each of my children. 
1032. Learn 3 great lessons that the desert has taught me  
1033. Provide lunch for a homeless person  
1034. Take my family and help serve a Thanksgiving dinner to those living in the
         community on Thanksgiving day  
1035. Do a road trip to California with a good friend  
1036. Start a business publishing a professional publication  
1037. Meet and shake hands with someone famous  
1038. Go to the international film theater at Brigham Young University  
1039. Go to a Beach Boys concert  
1040. Live by the motto, “Bloom where I am planted” and be proud of what I do and
         what I leave behind when I leave this life 
1041. Eat everything on BBC's 50 Things to Eat Before You Die list
1042. Watch someone get hypnotized   
1043. Play truth or dare  
1044. Be cautious of who I play truth or dare with 
1045. Do something that makes someone say, "I really admire you for what you did!"  
1046. Purchase an obscene amount of candy  
1047. Meet someone with the same name as me  
1048. Read a good book by a fireplace  
1049. Go swimming under a full moon  
1050. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii  
1051. Create a “Pass Along” Garden  
1052. Turn off all the lights and listen to my favorite songs with headphones on  
1053. Play tug of war over a stream  
1054. Have a pen pal  
1055. Be with someone while they are going through their “end of life” dying experience  
1056. Push all the buttons in an elevator
1057. Go white water rafting
1058. Sail on the ocean on a ship
1059. Walk on a new beach 
1060. Win a prize playing BINGO 
1061. Learn to like sauerkraut 
1062. Rappel down the face of a cliff 
1063. Take a college class on ancient world history  
1064. Take college classes that have nothing to do with my major or with general
         education requirements. Take them just for the fun of learning something
         new and unique  
1065. Wrestle 8 neighborhood boys at once  
1066. Bounce someone off a trampoline  
1067. Be in a pie eating contest  
1068. Be educated in and well informed on the subject of American politics
1069. Go trick or treating as an adult . . . . . and bring home some candy!
1070. Fall off a cliff without killing myself 
1071. Record my children’s voices 
1072. Video tape my young children playing and then let them watch those videos
         when they are older and bring their dates to the house 
1073. Be in a greased pig contest  
1074. See a real Egyptian mummy  
1075. Buy something from the Salvation Army  
1076. Die Happy
1077. Raise Sea Monkeys  
1078. Don’t get mad or voice my disgust at stupid drivers for 1 month  
1079. No fast food for 1 month  
1080. Haggle for the  best price for something in a foreign market  
1081. Eat a veggie burger  
1082. Get someone to read a book that I think is a great book 
1083. Stay at one of those really old creepy “haunted” hotels that remind me
         of the Norman Bates hotel  
1084. Get thrown into a pool with all my clothes on (and check book in my
          back pocket, and watch on my wrist, and mints in my pocket, and . . . .)  
1085. Watch a remarkable sunset with the woman of my dreams by my side  
1086. See the Stadium of Fire 
1087. Swing on rope that goes out of the water and drop from the highest point  
1088. Make someone’s wish come true  
1089. Ride a bicycle built for two  
1090. Play laser tag  and win  
1091. Yell and cheer so much at a game that I am hoarse the next day  
1092. Eat eggs I’ve gathered from a chicken’s nest  
1093. Buy something at an auction  
1094. Get a TB test 
1095. Don’t log into Facebook for 1 month  
1096. Hike down to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon  
1097. Bathe in a waterfall  
1098. Ride in a helicopter  
1099. Drive on the historic Route  66  
1100. Hold a live bat without getting rabies or any kind of disease  
1101. Fast (go without food and water for a given period of time)  
1102. Learn to play tennis  
1103. Sneak out of the house late at night and do something:
1104. Go asparagus hunting in Rock County, Minnesota   
1105. Find a 4 leaf clover (or is that a four loaf clever?) No, I think it’s a 4
         leaf clover
1106. Identify at least 50 songs that bring peace to my soul and joy to my heart
1107. Do an absolutely awesome meditation on the top of a mountain  
1108. Visit Liberty Jail in Independence, Missouri  
1109. Walk about in the forest in the middle of the night during a full moon  
1106. Look at the clouds more 
1107. Go to a high school senior prom  
1108. Watch Monte Python movies  
1109. Help Matt J. get on his mission  
1110. Buy a VERY expensive truffle  and use it to make something  very tasty  
1111. Buy an expensive bottle of really great balsamic vinegar  
1112. Make my own infused honey  
1110. Make a friend of someone I really don’t like
1111. Read the Twenty-five Books that Shaped America (as defined by
         Thomas C. Foster)
1112. Use plaster of Paris to make a mold of a body part (hand, face, foot, etc.)
         and make a clay rendition of that body part  
1113. Own an expensive pair of leather work gloves  
1114. Grow my own Shiitake mushrooms  
1115. Make a basket with a basketball from the 3-point line  
1116. Write a letter to Santa  
1117. Have a picnic on a remote tropical island with friends 
1118. Stay in a nipa hut  
1119. Have a lead role in a play  
1120. Make a pine needle basket  
1121. Make homemade ketchup  
1122. Learn more about Mrs. Groteguth  
1123. Do the Martin’s Cove handcart trek  
1124. Take some of my scouts and show them how much fun it is to stop at a stop
          light, run to a nearby car and give them a box of Krispy Kreme donuts with $10
          taped to the top of the box  
1125. Give at least $20 or more to a complete stranger  
1126. Learn more about multiple dimensions  
1127. Tip over an outhouse  
1128. Go to a rodeo  
1129. Learn how to make Korean spring rolls  
1130. Hunt for sea shells on a remote tropical beach  
1131. Have a body part removed  
1132. Write a script for a video that will be professionally produced  
1133. Raise a Monarch butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly  
1134. Go duck hunting  
1135. Go pheasant hunting  
1136. Slow dance  
1137. Ride on a boat along the River Walk in New Orleans  
1138. Go snowmobiling  
1139. Own a hand painted tie made by an artist I know personally  
1140. Use the hand dryers at the Eagle Landing gas station in Scipio, Utah  
1141. Work on a farm for a summer  
1142. Go water skiing 
1143. Grow rhubarb  
1144. Listen to someone playing the blues in New Orleans  
1145. Go on an awesome canoe trip  
1146. Make a major career change  
1147. Write a letter to a stranger and leave it somewhere where they will find it  
1148. Enjoy some Zydeco jazz in New Orleans 
1149. Intentionally walk through poison oak to see if I have a reaction to it  
1150. Teach people how to make Lorena stoves in Guatemala  
1151. Try more things that I don’t like to do  
1152. Continue to find new trails to hike
1153. See my daughter dance in the Nutcracker Ballet  
1154. Attend a summer camp or retreat  
1155. Sneak out from my upstairs bedroom without my parents knowing,
         many times
1156. Jump off of a railroad bridge  
1157. See the stars (specifically the Southern Cross) in the southern hemisphere  
1158. Sculpt something out of clay and fire it 
1159. Sing in public 
1160. See a frozen waterfall  
1161. Do my own taxes  
1162. Make cotton candy using one of those a cotton candy machine  
1163. Skip a rock at least 7 times  
1164. Get a complement from a person I have never met before  
1165. Sing in the shower more  
1166. Learn to ski  
1167. Use a water balloon sling and pummel the neighbors with water balloons  
1168. Try 62 different kinds of chocolate 
1169. Mountain bike some cool trails  
1170. Eat tofu  
1171. Live my life by the following creed 
1172. Find a killdeer’s nest in the wild  
1173. Enjoy sitting out at night and watching fireflies at my brother’s farm  
1174. 30 salads in 35 days  
1175. Use a “sun shower”  
1176. For 1 month, list something good that happens to me each day   
1177. Watch 10 William Shakespeare plays
1178. Take my brother Tom to the Mesa Verde Indian ruins in Colorado
1179. Make something on a potter’s wheel and fire it  
1180. Enjoy a meal at Joe’s Crab Shack  
1181. Visit the Museum of Natural History in Chicago
1182. Eat Jambalaya in New Orleans   
1183. Climb to the top of the point at Point of the Mountain 
1184. See a tornado on land in real life  
1185. Take a picture of an infant as a 3 or 4 year old child. Then take another picture
         of that person at age 10 to 12 holding the picture of him holding his first picture.
         Then, at age 19, take a picture of the boys holding the picture of himself several
         years younger, holding a picture of himself several years younger, holding a
         picture of him as an infant 
1186. Perform an ordinance in every temple in Utah
1187. Celebrate All Saints Day in the Philippine Islands  
1188. Find the cemetery where my great aunt Cora Bell Vail Smith and her two baby
         children are buried 
1189. Get my Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B shots so I can travel abroad   
1190. Listen to Cheryl Wheeler play in concert  
1191. Listen to John Gorka play in concert  
1192. Visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago  
1193. Skin an animal that I’ve hunted and killed  
1194. Catch turtles in my Uncle Orval’s pond 
1195. Find a sea slug in its natural habitat  
1196. Record the oral histories of my family members:   
1197. Eat a Navaho Taco  
1198. Find a sun star fish
1199. Get my MLS  (Masters of Library Science degree
1200. Watch a Wallace and Grommet movie
1201. For 1 month, find something each day that makes me happy and write it down
1202. Eat a fish taco  
1203. Have my own dark room and develop my own film  
1204. See the Nutcracker Ballet with my daughter  
1205. Get a new e-mail address
1206. Find the GPS coordinates to Hidden Lake
1207. Do something constructive with the time I use commuting to and from work   
1208. Collect 62 of my favorite quotes 
1209. See some of the world’s “tiny Nations”   
1210. Learn how to make traditional Chinese Pot Stickers myself  
1211. Find an extraordinary King Triton’s Trumpet shell in the ocean  
1212. Visit the mountain city of Antigua, the old capital city of Guatemala  
1213. Eat a meal good enough to be my last  
1214. Shoot the following guns:
1215. Own a sword  
1216. Dip in all 5 of the Great Lakes 
1217. Drive a vehicle at more than 100 mph  
1218. Learn how to kick start a car and then do it  
1219. Shingle a roof (and do a good job of it)  
1220. Learn how to use a washing machine without ruining my clothes  
1221. Yell “I LOVE YOU DONNA” as loud as I can from a top of a mountain  
1222. Sing out loud from the top of a mountain  
1223. See the “Body World” exhibit   
1224. Write 25 stories or memories about my father   
1225. Write 25 stories or memories about my mother  
1226. Learn how to jump a car or truck battery without blowing it up or shocking
         myself into oblivion 
1227. Inner tube down a river  
1228. Create a sacred place of my own in my mind where I can go anytime without
         any preconditions and where all rules of reality exist according to what I decide.
         By the way, I can change the rules in this place anytime I want.  
1229. Show my son a moose in its wild habitat  
1230. Explore more abandoned buildings (homes and businesses) 
1231. Have business cards made up  
1232. Do more composting  
1233. Write my name in wet cement   
1234. Start using recyclable bags for grocery shopping  
1235. Own one of those floating glass orbs that break off from Japanese fishing nets and
         floats in the ocean for years and years and years and finally come ashore on the beach
1236. Own an authentic ancient cultural artifact   
1237. Eat from one of those catering trucks that go from construction site to construction
         site. I remember we always called them the Roach Coach.  
1238. Throw some coins in the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel  
1239. Visit the Eiffel Tower. . . . in Las Vegas  
1240. Tour the Hoover Dam  
1241. Do a 1 sentence journal for 1 month  
1242. See a water performances at the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas   
1243. Visit Ottawa, Quebec, Canada  
1244. Visit a city or a town starting with each letter of the alphabet
1245. Eat more Indian (Hindu Indian) food  
1246. Pray for the unnamed 20 year old drunk boy I saw on Las Vegas Boulevard, that
         he will find some way to overcome his addiction and find peace and a sense of
         direction in his life
1247. Pick and pay for at least 1 bushel of fruit from a you-pick orchard  
1248. Kiss under the mistletoe  
1249. Body surf  
1250. Walk the strip in Las Vegas on a Friday night and see all the different acts and
         things people do to earn tips from passers by  
1251. Eat cold cereal with orange juice instead of milk (I don’t like milk) 
1252. Eat lobster in Tonga
1253. Plant an orange tree 
1254. Plant a grapefruit tree  
1255. Plant a lime tree
1256. Do the 62-62-62 thing (this is where I do 62 things 62 times before I turn 62. 
         62 is the age I will be when I retire, so I need to do all 62 things before I retire.) 
         See Appendix 19
1257. Visit the light house I pass by in Cedar City, Utah (a semi-desert region) every
         time I drive to St. George or to California
1258. Go to an outdoor concert  
1259. Completely blow off a day of school to do something fun  
1260. Go gigging for frogs
1261. Find 20 great new recipe
1262. Eat frog legs
1263. Enjoy more fine pastry shops and don’t be overly concerned about calories
         (within reason of course)  1264. Surf the ocean waves with a bogey board 
1265. Leave a tip to thank the garbage collector who picks up our garbage every week  
1266. Celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate” day 
1267. Get our houseboy to stop cooking fish with the our vegetables  
1268. Wave at people you don’t know and watch the looks they get on their faces as
         they try to figure out who you are and if they know you   
1269. Increase my reading speed  
1270. Hike on a glacier  
1271. Eat from one of the catering food tables on a movie set  
1272. Bicycle around the parameter of San Juan Island in the Puget Sound
         with Donna
1273. Live the same day twice  
1274. Feel the excitement and adrenaline rush of being in a big earthquake
1275. Buy and wear a Samoan lava lava
1276. Jump off of the top of a house roof into a swimming pool
1277. Get one of those cool nature ring tones (meadow lark warbling, crickets chirping,
         frogs croaking, etc.)
1278. See the movie Schindler’s List 
1279. Call someone and ask them if

    • Their refrigerator is running
    • If they have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can 
    • All the other stupid phone tricks you hear about

1280. Eat one of those jaw breakers that are the size of a large chicken egg
1281. Take the following college entrance exams:

    • ACT
    • SAT
    • GRE  

1282. See the lavender fields in bloom at the Young Living Farms in Mona, Utah
1283. Do something nice for the postal delivery lady to say “thank you” for delivering
         our mail all these years  
1284. Learn how to make good pickles  
1285. Do something in my life to honor Nelson Mandela, the great peace advocate and one
         of my great heroes.  
1286. Do something that gets people thinking  
1287. Be able to list all 16 of my great grandparents from memory   
1288. Stay home from work and get all the way from start to end playing Mario Brother’s 3
1289. Quit playing video games for good  
1290. Learn how to make balsamic reduction   
1291. Find some music that has a great beat and rhythm (Salisbury Hill by Peter Gabriel)
         and dance where no one can see me with reckless abandon and to my heart’s content  
1292. Watch the full moon rise as I stand on top of a mountain 
1293. Try hominy and collard greens  
1294. Always see and live my life in the larger more eternal perspective  
1295. Find the fire within me. When I can’t see it, create it.  
1296. Continually remind myself to see the true beauty within others and remember who
         they really are  
1297. Floss more 
1298. Dance in the moonlight  
1299. Increase my reading speed to 1,200 wpm. 
1300. Where ever I live, make it a better, more beautiful, more joyful place for having
         lived there  
1301. Always look for the alternatives   \
1302. Come up with a recipe for killer barbeque sauce  
1303. Always look for ways to be more inspired and to inspire more
1304. Quit taking the commuter van, start taking the bus and put the money I save
         (about $75 a month) into savings  
1305. Feel life more
1306. Spend a Thanksgiving serving food to the community  
1307. Wonder about more things and ask more questions about what is going on around me
1308. Get money out of my pass book savings account and put it into something that gives
         me a better return of my investment  
1309. Change the world in significant ways with my writing
1310. Walk different routes home and to other places to encourage variety in my thinking
         and in my life habits 
1311. Re-gift a present 
1312. Sleep in my car  
1313. Take a religion class  
1314. Make my own pesto from scratch; that means growing my own basil and garlic 
1315. Babysit someone else’s kid(s)  
1316. Go door to door to sell something  
1317. Become a regular some place so much so that they know about my wife and kids,
         where I work, my likes and dislikes and (if it’s a restaurant) what I usually order   
1318. Have a perfect days when everything goes right  
1319. Act more on my intuition  
1320. Go to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago
1321. Watch lightening strike the ground
1322. Ride a jet ski  
1323. Download some songs from Queen and U2 onto my I-Pod 
1324. Learn to enjoy British comedy   
1325. Get a Pell Grant  
1326. Call someone a “whipper snapper” and see what they do  
1327. Bake something in an easy bake oven  
1328. Sell something at a roadside stand  
1329. Learn to love unconditionally  
1330. Ride in taxi  
1331. Fall asleep in the arms of my sweet love   
1332. Ride in a horse drawn carriage or buggy  
1333. Live in a very small town  
1334. Live in a big city 
1335. Visit a real dinosaur excavation pit  
1336. Ride in a paddle boat  
1337. Stare into the eyes of a butterfly  
1338. Get stung or bitten by something in the ocean  
1339. Eat wasabi  
1340. Get some cool flip flops that I really like  
1341. Perform a circumcision
1342. Take part in a mock disaster drill  
1343. Have a collection with at least 100 things in it  
1344. Get a ring tone that reflects who I am  
1345. Sleep in the jungle without a tent and someplace that’s creepy and scary  
1346. Keep a body part after it has been surgically removed from me  
1347. Stand under the St. Louis Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri  
1348. Download a song from the internet  
1349. Get completely soaked in the rain so that there is not a dry area anywhere on my body  
1350. Spend the night in the hospital as a patient  
1351. Spend the night in the hospital with someone who is a patient   
1352. Plant a fern garden  
1353. See the rings of Saturn through a telescope  
1354. Live by the ocean   
1355. Find enlightenment 
1356. Have an out of body experience  
1357. Share an apartment with a good friend  
1358. Keep a kidney stone after it has been removed from someone 
1359. Eat a truly remarkable and memorable crepe. 
1360. Visit Ottawa, Canada  
1361. Become expert on what kinds of wild sea life lives in the tide pools at Dana Point  
1362. Own a pair of ridiculously hideous red pants and have the guts enough to
         wear them in public  
1363. Find something that is really butt ugly and wear it in public  
1364. Be the “Mister Wilson” of Tool Time fame, to the young teens in my ward  
1365. Baptize someone in the ocean  
1366. Baptize someone in a river  
1367. Own and use a pair of rollerblades  
1368. Live on the plains of the Mid-Central states  
1369. Take time to listen to the stories “the old ones” tell me
1370. Surprise people 
1371. Have the financial discipline to live within my means and thus, be financially free to
         do the things I want to do in life 
1372. Eat lots of clams and mussels made just the way I like them  
1373. Install a fireplace in my home  
1374. Install a wood burning stove in my home  
1375. Enjoy love in ALL its dimensions  
1376. Eat a minced meat pie  
1377. Eat a raisin pie   
1378. See a major league baseball game  
1379. Fire a rocket that is at very least, 3 feet tall 
1380. Stop and help someone along a roadside  
1381. Do a tour of a state penitentiary 
1382. Make one of those secret storage places by cutting out the center of a book and
         gluing the pages together  
1383. Blow something up  
1384. Visit a botanical garden  
1385. See the Titanic exhibit  
1386. Ride on the Heber Creeper steam engine train that runs from Heber up and
         down Provo Canyon  
1387. Enter flowers I’ve grown in the county fair  
1388. Buy a teak wooden garden bench for my secret garden  
1389. Get all the surgical “stuff” done that I need to get done  
1390. Do more 30 day challenges   
1391. Make a jewel box cake with Donna  
1392. Build a tree house  
1393. Own a set of pan pipes  
1394. Go to a State Fair  
1395. Go Christmas caroling with a group of carolers.    
1396. Capture a Sphinx Moth  
1397. Raise a Sphinx Moth from the Tomato Horn Worm stage, through cocoon stage to
         the moth stage  
1398. Find at least one of my dad’s track medals he earned running track in high school  
1399. Learn how to make killer good pickled sweet peppers  
1400. Harvest Dog Bane and dry it out so that I can use it to make cordage 
1401. Live my life the way I want to be remembered
1402. See an air show from a canoe in the middle of Utah Lake  
1403. Take more time to sit on the benches near the gardens at work and watch the mice
         play in the flower gardens 
1404. Learn to change the oil in a truck  
1405. Pick up all the trash from a roadside and make the place look clean  
1406. Visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California   
1407. Share the fruits of my orchard with the neighborhood children  
1408. Do a Sub for Santa for someone   
1409. Take more time to walk among the aspens in the mountains  
1410. Take an art class and learn to paint with acrylics  
1411. Get up and sing and dance in front a BIG audience of more than 500 people  
1412. Make flan  
1413. Experience a whiteout blizzard on the plains  
1414. Go to an international conference on International Cultural Awareness at
         an International location 
1415. Have some kind of a memorable “experience” in a Halloween haunted house  
1416. Trap a

    • Beaver  
    • Mink  
    • Muskrat  
    • Raccoon  
    • Skunk  
    • Gopher  

1417. Stay at Zurmot resort in Midway, Utah
1418. Eat freshly made warm pralines 
1419. Drive on the left side of the road (legally or without being inebriated)  
1420. Climb the Widow Maker 
1421. Be a chaperone for each of my children for some school event  
1422. Make one of those prank phone calls, asking someone if they have Prince Albert in a can  
1423. Refuse to get cable television
1424. Get a professional family portrait taken  
1425. Go free climbing in Provo Canyon  
1426. Kiss Donna at Squaw Peak  
1427. Visit a ghost town  
1428. Go deer hunting  
1429. See what it is like to pass out  
1430. Live the ideals and life goals of Wangari Maathia
1431. Go swimming with my friend Wayne C. at Bird Island on Utah Lake  
1432. See a tornado develop from a funnel cloud  
1433. Be in 4 states at once  
1434. Be in 3 states at once (different states than the states mentioned in the previous goal)   
1435. Eat fresh seafood someplace along the Northwestern seaboard  
1436. Sing Acapella with someone and sound good  
1437. Build a snow cave that would make an Eskimo proud  
1438. Eat a chocolate covered bug of some kind 
1439. Take my wife on a date touring through multi-million dollar homes that we could
         never ever ever ever hope to own, nor would ever want to own  
1440. Teach a group of people about creating a bucket list, what it can do for one’s life
         and ideas for how one goes about doing it  
1441. Punk someone big time  
1442. See  the musical  Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat  
1443. FEEL life more
1444. Get rid of my worldly material possessions until everything I own fits into
         two banana boxes  
1445. Take the day off on my birthday and do something just for myself   
1446. Eat a food dish in another country that I will never eat anywhere else  
1447. Work for a traveling carnival  
1448. Blow up something  
1449. Help a stranger
1450. Get rid of 100 things I don’t need in my life  (See Appendix 28)  
1451. Duct tape someone to a tree  
1452. Get to a colored belt in some form of martial arts  
1453. Pay off my student loans  
1454. Go sailing on a catamaran  
1455. Buy a lottery ticket and win
1456. Lick my finger and place it on a metal pole when the temperatures are freezing outside  
1457. When a situation needs a leader, do not be afraid to say yes and give what is needed
         to make the most of the situation 
1458. Eat a Machine Gun sandwich  
1459. Sneak over a fence and into a swimming pool at night and swim the night away  
1460. Be content with what I have  
1461. Play Asteroids 
1462. Get thrown into a river with suit pants, shoes, a shirt and a tie on 
1463. Gather and eat asparagus that was growing in a cemetery  
1464. Eat dill pickle potato chips  
1465. Eat an amazing crepe  
1466.  Learn to cook with curry  
1467. Watch the movie, Pan’s Labyrinth  
1468. Share a sucker with someone 
1469. Burn a pile of leaves in the autumn and enjoy the incredible smell of burning leaves in
         the fall.  It’s intoxicating.  
1470. Make someone cry because they were so happy to see me  
1471. Drive through the Rocky Mountains in the fall and see the golden glow of aspen groves
         in their autumn best  
1472. Own a peace pipe made by a Native American Indian  
1473. Clean up all the trash from a trashy roadside  
1474. Give money to a street performer  
1475. Explore an abandoned (haunted???) castle  
1476. House sit for someone  
1477. Cross a flooding creek without getting sucked away  
1478. Go to that awesome bread store on the edge of town in Julian, California  
1479. Enjoy a Christmas with no snow and where temperatures get up to 75 degree on
         Christmas Day  
1480. Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen
1481. Continually remember that it is better to err on the side of mercy   
1482. Get a free upgrade to business class on an international flight  
1483. Donate over 500 books to a non-profit organization  
1484. Develop my intuitive nature  
1485. Build a pair of stilts and then learn how to walk on them and use them to pick fruit
         from someone’s tree  
1486. Go through a real maze  
1487. Bounce a person off a trampoline  
1488. Go on a police ride-along  
1489. Meet relatives I never knew as a child  
1490. Visit Slieter’s bridge again and recall the old days when much happened there  
1491. Use a ham radio  
1492. Make a plaster cast of something and then make a clay replica of the object  
1493. Dive into an underwater sea cave  
1494. Go to a bible school summer camp  
1495. Go to a Grey Hound bus station and watch people come and go  
1496. Eat a Halo Halo  
1497. See ALL of the Planet of the Apes movies  
1498. Inhale helium and talk like a chipmunk  
1499. Watch He Man and Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles with my sons 
1500. Gut punch someone  
1501. Bathe in a mountain stream after a long day of hard work or after a long hard hike  
1502. Buy stock in a BIG Corporation  
1503. Find out what my blood type is  
1504. Walk across a rope bridge where the foot path of the bridge is a single rope and
         do it without  falling 
1505. Continue to be more spontaneous with my life 
1506. Don't, for even a moment, be afraid to just be me 
1507. Stay in a cabin at Mammoth Ski resort in California  
1508. Eat at a Rain Forest Café  
1509. Be a teacher to others 
1510. Canoe up to Pagsanhan Falls  
1511. Win the Lindon City Garden of the Year award  
1512. See a Sun Dog  
1513. Own a pair of bamboo socks  
1514. Work in a nursing home  
1515. Get one of those passport books for the national parks and monuments and get stamps
         for at least 100 of them (see Appendix 23)
1516. Help deliver (give birth) a large animal  
1517. Talk my way out of a traffic ticket  
1518. See a license plate from all 50 states 
1519. Hunt for mushrooms in the wild  
1520. Eat mushrooms that were gathered from the wild  
1521. Have my picture published in a newspaper (not the Police Beat section)  
1522. Attended a street party  
1523. Carve Donna’s and my name on a tree in the mountains 
1524. Hike into the Uinta Mountains with one of my sons  
1526. Be a visionary man 
1527. Do not be afraid or discouraged when pursuing my passions 
1528. Discover the absolute joy, rapture and wonder of being truly in love  
1529. Always strive to develop greater faith 
1530. Live my life for the experiences and memories I can take with me, not for the
         possessions that mean nothing after I am gone 
1531. Do my best to withhold judgment on all my 1st encounters  
1532. Be a hard worker (always take pride in the work I do and find great joy in working hard)  
1533. Remember each day to be grateful for the gifts of the day and be mindful to think of
         at least one gift the day has given me   
1534. Live my life so that my Mom and Dad can be proud of how I turned out   
1535. Own a big time chain saw (I’m not talking about one of those wimpy things. I’m
         talking PROFESSIONAL quality.)  
1536. Be a good role model for others
1537. Keep life in perspective 
1538. Take an art class and learn to paint with acrylics  
1539. Go to the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico and climb to the top of El Toro, the
         tallest mountain in this rainforest  
1540. Teach an awesome youth fireside  
1541. Give something meaningful to my community 
1542. Make the world a better place for having lived in it  
1543. Be more adventurous 
1544. Catch a live rattlesnake  
1545. Meet and hang out with a group of friends in a public place in the middle of the night
          after curfew without getting arrested  
1546. Perform on stage  
1547. Bathe using a sun shower   
1548. Sing a baby to sleep  
1549. Catch a snapping turtle without getting my fingers crushed  
1550. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator as much as possible  
1551. Learn to enjoy eating avocados  
1552. Learn to roller skate  
1553. Learn to roller blade   
1554. Ice skate down frozen streets  
1555. Dig a bungee pit   
1556. Swim in a country creek  
1557. Learn the stories of some of the local pan handlers in down town Salt Lake City and
         learn how they came to be where they are today 
1558. Learn to like hot cracked wheat cereal  
1559. Have a religious debate in a public forum and feel like I did a great job presenting my
         thoughts and ideas 
1560. See an awesome show at a planetarium  
1561. Jump from a steam sauna directly into a ice water plunge at a gym  
1562. Be more teachable
1563. Complete the 75 Sites to See in Salt Lake City list -- In Progress
1564. Meet my namesake  
1565. Watch a lightning storm over the ocean or over a lake  
1566. Teach a wilderness survival skills class  
1567. Take part in a dance competition AND WIN  
1568. Climb up Y Mountain; continue climbing on to Maple Flats and drink from the clear
         cold springs I’ve heard was up there.   
1569. Be out after curfew in a foreign country that is under Martial Law without being arrested
         or brought into the stockades for interrogation 
1570. Find something valuable that someone lost or ditched  
1571. Eat Nutella   
1572. Eat Vegemite  
1573. Watch heat lighting light up the sky over the city  
1574. Eat a West Virginia coal miner’s breakfast  
1575. Kiss someone in an elevator  
1576. Fall asleep under a big shady tree  
1577. Ride in a go cart  
1578. Watch incredible sunsets and sun rises with my sweetheart  
1579. Go to a red carpet premier of a new movie
1580. Carve my name into a tree  
1581. Post something on the Post Secret website  
1582. Ride the Amtrak California Zephyr train from Los Angeles to Oceanside, California  
1583. Learn more about the great physicist Nikoli Tesla  
1584. Learn how to make hard bound books by hand like they used to make in the old days
         when a well made book could last more than a century
1585. Make an acid free hard bound journal with sown signature pages specially designed by me 
1586. Take a pottery class and make something on a potter’s wheel  
1587. Dance with reckless abandon and to my heart’s content on the top of a mountain  
1588. Have a bottle broken over my head. I’m not talking about a movie prop bottles either. I’m
         talking about a real pop bottle or a beer bottle. 
1589. Work in a book printing and bindery shop where they mass produce books  
1590. Go dipping in the Hood River  
1591. Get a hysterical child to quit crying  
1592. Pull a “very memorable” April Fool’s joke on someone 
1593. Give a very nice Christmas gift to a homeless person  
1594. See the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat done
         by a professional cast.  
1595. Dissect something  
1596. See the 12 most meaningful movies with important life lessons to learn as suggested by
         Celestine Chua (creator of The Personal Excellent Blog) 
1597. Start riding the bus for my commute and find ways to enjoy it I’ve found several things
         that help A LOT. 
1598. Watch all of the James Bond movies  
1599. Eat Dim Sum in China Town, San Francisco  
1600. Visit Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco and eat their chocolate  
1601. Explore a fern canyon   
1602. Take a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon   
1603. Ride the following rides at Disneyland California
1604. Visit the Golden Gate bridge  
1605. Go spear fishing
1606. Collect something unusual and fun  
1607. Order some chocolates from Christopher Elbow Chocolates in San Francisco for
         Jim Trent and show him the best chocolate in the world
1608. Handle a dead body  
1609. Create a remarkable family heirloom quilt  
1610. Help build a Habitat for Humanity house   
1611. Learn how to make a “singing bowl” sing 
1612. Provide 1,000 meals to the homeless at the local Food and Care Coalition 
1613. Walk through an “old growth” forest  
1614. Help make someone’s dream come true  
1615. Catch a katydid  
1616. Listen to the cicadas in the summer time in the Midwest  
1617. Learn how to do my own car repairs (and maintenance) 
1618. Catch tadpoles from a pond in the country 
1619. Sneak out from my bedroom in the middle of the night and do something fun without
         getting caught (or arrested. You know, it’s that whole curfew thing.)  
1620. Visit all 27 places on the Smithsonian Magazine Life List 
1621. Be comfortable with and good at indulging in casual conversation  
1622. Spin with the intensity of the whirling dervishes of Istanbul  
1623. Eat at Ruth’s Diner up Immigration Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah  
1624. Take the missionary Elders grunion hunting at Dana Point after midnight  
1625. Inspire others to live a simpler life, and become a better person for it  
1626. Do something for someone that I know they will never be able to repay me for  
1627. Join a sorority  
1628. Keep a chocolate Easter bunny for more than 7 years 
1629. Join a club  
1630. Have a snowball fight with frozen snowballs (by the way, this isn’t really a good
         idea. People get hurt pretty bad doing this.)  
1631. See what skunk cabbage looks like in real life  
1632. Get paid for writing  
1633. Become fluent using WordPress as my blogging tool
1634. Sincerely and honestly be able to say everything on this list at least once in my
         life to another person
1635. Make my own explosives 
1636. Make Norwegian krumkake 
1637. Make Norwegian Lefse
1638. Own some dress shirts with my initials monogrammed on the cuffs   
1639. Plant a tree that will grow huge and climb up it   
1640. Give a silver acorn to someone who will truly appreciate it and understand the significance
         of what it means  
1641. Eat spam   
1642. Try every food listed on CNN’s list of the World’s Eat 50 Most Delicious Foods 
1643. Discover something really cool
1644. Find out some funny (or stupid) laws that are still in existence and break them  
1645. Explore a cave 
1646. Learn how to interpret dreams
1647. Go whale watching 
1648. Eat something at the Cheesecake Factory 
1649. Eat good Chinese food at Friday Harbor on San Juan  Islands, Puget Sound
1650. Blind fold myself, spin a globe and travel to the spot where my finger lands
1651. Grow a beard 
1652. Grow a mustache 
1653. Eat roasted chestnuts (we roasted them ourselves)  
1654. Give someone a “Christmas Jar” full of money I’ve collected throughout the year. 
1655. Swim among the jelly fish (without getting stung)
1656. Cut down a big tree with an ax
1657. Send a care package to someone who would really appreciate it
1658. Write a collection of memories from birth to age 16. When I was 16, I started
         keeping a fairly consistent journal
1659. Make a list of 200+ things that describe me (See Appendix 15)
1660. Drink Matte
1661. Speak before a group of men in the Lyon’s Club 
1662. Sleep outside for at least a week  
1663. Take Donna to eat at the Sky Room on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
         for a memorable dining experience 
1664. Find out what has become of Jimmy Halloran 
1665. Work in a cannery and see how food is processed and canned
1666. Go to live performance of a symphony orchestra
1667. Go crawfishing
1668. Get and use a library card instead of buying all my books from the bookstore
1669. Do 62 adventures with my brother Tom
1670. Ride on a cable car
1671. Make cordage from dogbane
1672. Travel across the International date line
1673. Visit the 3 Corners monument stone of the Midwestern states
         (Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota)
1674. Ride a zip line
1675. Volunteer in a food pantry
1676. Be part of a focus group
1677. Snow ski with one ski  
1678. Put money into someone’s expired parking meter
1679. Learn how to say “Thank You” in ten languages
1680. Take multiple occasions to visit some elderly people in a rest home who don’t have
         family nearby to come visit them. Make them feel like someone cares about them.
1681. Be part of a neighborhood garden
1682. Run a 26 mile marathon for a charity
1683. Make my own envelops out of magazine pages and use them to mail a letter
         to someone I like
1684. Be a paid custodian for a summer 
1685. Learn how to program and then program something that really works
1686. Be part of a filming crew at a motion picture studio   
1687.  Ride an outrageous animal
1688. See the midnight sun in Alaska
1689. Own over 2,000 books
1690. Write my name in wet cement (no, I didn’t include my last name. Do you really think
         that I’m that stupid?)
1691. Make a death mask (or a life mask as my son prefers to call it) of myself
1692. Make a beauty body care product from scratch
1693. Drink coconut milk right out of the nut
1694. Catch, gut and cook a fish
1695. Attend a party where everything is either captured in the ocean or grown/gathered
         by hand from local groves or jungle
1696. Leave a 100% tip for a food server at a restaurant
1697. Own a chameleon
1698. Go to a renaissance festival
1699. Help catch a criminal
1700. Participate on a test panel that tests food products for a company before they are
         available in the market
1701. Haggle and barter for something in an open market
1702. Do what it takes to get all that junk mail to stop coming to my home
1703. Drive an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) across some awesome terrain
1704. Braid a wrist or ankle bracelet from natural plant fibers
1705. Drive to Grand  Junction, Colorado and see what’s there
1706. Find an awesome “sleeper” item (something of great value that no one knows the
         real value of) 
1707. Hike up the Canyon of 11 Falls (that’s my name for it) to the meditation rock
         in Provo Canyon
1708. Eat at an all you can eat Scandinavian smorgasbord 
1709. Invest more than $100,000 in the stock market and make a profit
1710. Learn to wiggle my ears one by one independently 
1711. See the massive flower fields of Carlsbad, California
1712. Get tested to see what things I’m allergic to
1713. Dedicate a grave
1714. Be a food tester for food products with a questionable future
1715. Take a ride on the ocean in a banka (a small Muslim boat)
1716. Go one year with NO television
1717. Help someone else accomplish one of their bucket list goals
1718. Find out what my teenage girl friends are doing now
1719. Write a poem of respectable quality
1720. Dance on the beach at night
1721. Ride the Supreme Scream at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California
1722. Experience a remarkable sunrise and sunset in the desert 
1723.  Enjoy a bonfire on the beach at 2 am in the morning
1724. Do something new every week for a year (see Appendix 29)
1725. Take part in a track and field meet where I throw the shot put and the discus
1726. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve
1727. Have an old time picture taken of my brother and me
1728. Subscribe to the National Geographic Magazine 
1729. Ride the Cork Screw at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California
1730. Be in a parade
1731. Learn to make Lemon Posset 
1732. Snuggle with someone in a hammock
1733. Study Horticulture in college
1734. Create wonderful memories in our secret garden
1735. See a complete double rainbow  
1736. Eat a crumpet  
1737. Be truly happy
1738. Go on a cool scavenger hunt
1739. Marry once and marry right
1740. Put a star field with constellations on my children’s bedroom ceiling
1741. Learn CPR
1742. Learn about Chakras, what they do and how to use that  knowledge 
1743. Dive into an underwater cave   
1744. Eat seaweed  salad
1745. Memorize a poem and be able to recite it at will
1746. Shop at Trader Joe’s
1747. Collect sea shells on a tropical island
1748. Be awake and ask questions to a doctor while he’s doing surgery on me
1749. Acquire a taste for Sushi
1750. See a herd of buffalo
1751. Eat Pho
1752. Have an organic garden
1753. Live without email or a cell phone for at least one week, preferably more
1754. Have someone draw or paint my portrait
1755. Figure out what the Higgs Boson is and what Hadrons are and what they have to
          do with the world around me.
1756. Put a live star fish on a hairy arm or chest, let him stay there for a minute and
         pull it off. (Try it, it’s an interesting experience.)
1757. Go to an outdoor concert  
1758. Go to Sea World and see the “Habitat for Huge Manatees”
1759. Celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary with Donna
1760. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with Donna
1761. Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with Donna
1763. Go to some awesome botanical gardens
1764. Own and get good at using nunchucks
1765. Read a book that has been banned
1766. Go to a tourist attraction in or very close to my own town  
1767. Stay in a bed and breakfast place
1768. Spend the night in a log cabin in the woods and/or along a lake  
1769. Walk through a rice paddy at night when all the fire flies are out  
1770. Watch all of the Poltergeist movies (I, II, and III)
1771. Play an Ocarina  
1772. Find a King Triton’s Trumpet in excellent condition
1773. Go to a rodeo  
1774. Touch the Black Nazarene in the Church in the Quiapo District of Manila  
1775. Learn tree identification by the shape, color, and leaf pattern recognition  
1776. Collect antique cameras 
1777. See Christopher Lloyd live on stage  
1778. Have my DNA and my family pedigree be part of a worldwide genetics study  
1779. Be a fry cook in a hamburger stand  
1780. Cook a recipe that my mom cooked when I was a child  
1781. Microwave a bar of Ivory soap 
1782. Do a book review for a professional journal 
1783. Be someone’s godfather 
1784. Be part of a Chinese fire drill 
1785. Kiss someone underwater 
1786. Make one of those hollowed out books that that you can store secret stuff in  
1787. Chew on a coca leaf
1788. Make a special snow angle
1789. Go sparking with wintergreen mints
1790. Walk in fields of gold
1791. Enjoy a green Christmas
1792. Live somewhere with palm trees and orange groves  and temps rarely get
         below 60 degrees
1793. Eat seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf
1794. Never complete everything on my bucket list 
1795. Back pack into the Sierra Nevada Mountains
1796. Fall asleep under a palm tree
1797. Be awestruck by something
1798. Discover something really cool
1799. Spend Christmas in the tropics
1800. Have a picture taken of me that I honestly believe looks relatively good
1801. Write and publish an article for a internationally circulated magazine
1802. Go into a store and while no one is looking, add something funny to someone’s
         shopping cart. Juvenile; YES.  Funny; I like to think so.
1803. Find a cool and awesome fossil in the earth (not something from an established
         fossil dig or a “planted” fossil)
1804. Eat at least 15 different varieties of bananas
1805. Create my own stationary
1806. Own my own smart phone 
1807. Make a list of 50 things that made me what I am today 
1808. Do something good to someone that they will never know who did it 
1809. Be known by a nickname 
1810. Do a spontaneous “city break” where I leave town and go somewhere far away just
         to get away from it all
1811. Take the 5,000 question survey about myself 
1812. Use valet parking 
1813. Get other people to invest in providing microloans from the KIVA. org website
1814. Create my own secret alphabet and continue to use it over the years 
1815. Find a humming bird’s nest with eggs or chicks and look at it closely 
1816. Sit in a steam sauna 
1817. Sit in a dry sauna
1818. Sit in a sauna and then immediately jump into an ice plunge pool 
1819. Ride on a ski lift 
1820. Mountain bike at Slick Rock in Moab, Utah 
1821. Vow to NEVER EVER EVER EVER again go to an Amway party 
1822. Create my own blog 
1823. Join a workout gym 
1824. Learn how to play  
    • Tennis 
    • Handball 
    • Racket ball 
1825. Take part in a pinewood derby with my sons 
1826. Learn how to make beef jerky and then make some 
1827. Go tubing down the Provo River 
1828. Make something usable out of leather 
1829. Learn how to complain with style and get results 
1830. Take the two year allergy shot series so that I can get rid of some of my allergies 
1831. Buy something from a farmer’s market 
1832. Buy something from a junk yard 
1833. Kiss a beautiful woman in the rain 
1834. Work on a farm for a summer 
1835. Fight for something I feel strongly about at a city council meeting
1836. Shoot off a fire extinguisher 
1837. Have a pie thrown in my face 
1838. Throw a pie in someone else’s face 
1839. Go to a Rotary Convention 
1840. Take part in a big time, serious spider fight 
1841. Light candles in a Catholic Cathedral 
1842. Have a 5 star (*****) chief prepare a culinary event for me 
1843. Eat Mofango at Fefo’s restaurant in Puerto Rico at 
1844. Eat Tostinoes in Puerto Rico 
1845. See the old forts of El Morro and San Christobal in Puerto Rico 
1846. Visit the resting place of the Spanish explorer Ponce del Leon 
1847. Go on a Caribbean cruise with my wife Donna 
1848. Eat Escargot 
1849. Eat a shrimp pistolle
1850. Wear a very expensive watch 
1851. Go kayaking in among the mangroves in the tropics 
1852. Go sea kayaking 
1853. Swim with the sting rays 
1854. Dive down and touch a sunken ship at sea  
1855. Order room service 
1856. See a really ugly baby 
1857. Stay overnight in New York City 
1858. Hold a sting ray  
1859. See a flying fish fly 
1860. Visit the Caribbean Islands 
    • St Croix
    • St Lucia
    • St. Maartin’s
    • Antigua
    • Barbados
1861. Paddle to a bio-luminescent bay and see the plankton light up in the night 
1862. Own a multipurpose tool that fits into my pocket 
1863. Watch one of those cheap Asian martial arts films where the biggest budget expense
         is spent on fake blood 
1864. As an adult, go without a car for 1 year 
1865. Eat at least 75 things listed on the Omnivore’s List of 100 foods One Should Eat Before
         You Die.
1866. Learn how to tie a bowtie 
1867. Go bicycling someplace in the countryside and just totally relax, I mean totally,
         completely, utterly  and without reservation—RELAX 
1868. Discover what makes me truly happy and then pursue it 
1869. Make tamarind chutney 
1870. Hike Little Wild Horse Canyon near Goblin Valley, Utah 
1871. Pick up a hitch hiker 
1872. Make 20 quilts that will be given to little children who are in need of something
         warm, soft and comforting 
1873. Raise hamsters 
1874. Mountain bike a Sundance Ski Resort 
1875. Buy a piano 
1876. Have someone teach me how to sing 
1877. Go to 6 Flags of America amusement park 
1878. Start collecting old fashioned cameras, and maybe even take pictures with some of them 
1879. Develop my own catch phrase 
1880. Go so high up into the atmosphere that I can see the blackness of outer space 
1881. Move away from the plains of Minnesota 
1882. Taste Poi without gagging 
1883. Go to a Judy Collins live concert 
1884. Learn how to make and preserve gourmet foods 
1885. Buy something from a roadside fruit stand that is run on the honor system 
1886. Experience a night so quiet that the only sound I can hear is the sound of my
         heart beating 
1887. See what it’s like to have amnesia 
1888. Cross over the Continental Divide 
1889. Complement a complete stranger 
1890. Eat eel sushi 
1891. Eat at a chocolate bar where I can choose anything I want from at least 30
         different kinds of chocolate 
1892. Experience a real Haboob
1893. Go on a walk about 
1894. Help bring a baby into this world
1895. Learn how to whistle like our canary, George 
1896. Make an olive oil lamp 
1897. Find a street with my name on it 
1898. Ride a cable car in San Francisco 
1899. Own a waterbed 
1900. Ride a bike with no brakes 
1901. Go on a hay ride 
1902. Own my own single reflex lens camera 
1903. Own my own digital camera 
1904. Get finger printed by the police 
1905. Take a CRAZY taxi ride in Asia (the kind of taxi ride where you pray and make all
         kinds of crazy promises to God if he will just deliver you from this madness) 
1906. Swim in the ocean at night 
1907. Do a night time dip in Lake Elsinore (California) 
1908. Buy and burn amber-patchouli incense 
1909. Get food to stick on the ceiling 
1910. See the movie The Time Machine 
1911. Read all of the Post Secret Books 
1912. Talk to someone who claims they have actually seen a UFO 
1913. Shoot guns at a shooting range 
1914. Drink soymilk just to see what it tastes like 
1915. Go to a big street part 
1916. Take a Brigs Meyer personality test and see what my personality is like 
1917. Run long and hard to get a runner’s endorphin high 
1918. Find my animal totem 
1919. Read a book that was so awful I couldn’t finish reading it 
1920. Own an awesome leather jacket 
1921. Plant a tree and climb it when it is grown 
1922. Celebrate a holiday I’ve never celebrated before 
1923. Be on a large frozen lake and hear the ice crack from shore to shore 
1924. Eat Pop Rocks 
1925. See a movie for each letter of the alphabet   
1926. Learn to hula to the song of Pearly Shells 
1927. Sun bathe 
1928. Harvest oranges from an orange grove
1929. Learn to spin a basket ball on one finger 
1930. Eat Spaetzle  
1931. Create my own unique signature 
1932. Make a Christmas gingerbread house 
1933. Peer over the edge of a VERY high cliff (the kind that makes you sphincter muscles
1934. Tour a fish hatchery to see where trout are made (hatched) 
1935. Go turkey bowling 
1936. Take my kids camping at some cool places 
1937. Write a letter of recommendation for someone 
    • To get into a college 
    • To get credit 
    • To continue working at the university they were working at 
    • To get a job 
    • An application for a scholarship/grant 
1938. Enjoy a candle light bath with essential oils in the water and my favorite music playing 
1939. Celebrate Chinese New Years at a Chinese restaurant 
1940. Eat an anchovy 
1941. Own my own I-Pod 
1942. Find a public place where I can get people to put their “love lock” or “lock of love”
          (a padlock or a key lock representing their love for someone) up for public display
1943. Eat beer battered fries from Chubbies
1944. 1958. Go into a car wash and use the automatic window opener to open the window of
          the person in the passenger’s seat. Then, enjoy the excitement.
1945. Hang a pair of shoes from a telephone line that runs across a main thorough fare  
1946. Set a world record 
1947. Create a newsletter that is distributed to more than a quarter million people
1948. Create my own special flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt     
1949. Create a humanitarian webpage     
1950. Continue my genetic line     
1951. Fix some piece of electronic machinery or equipment     
1952. Stop and change a stranger’s flat tire on the roadside    
1953. Take someone on a grunion run that has never seen grunion before    
1954. Kayak among the 7 caves of La Jolla off the coast of southern California    
1955. Sleep overnight on a ship at sea     
1880. Surprise people around me      
1956. Eat something with an expensive truffle in it     
1957. Learn how to make a plate of awesome, mouthwatering, tasty clams and mussels      
1958. Go to the Yellow Deli Restaurant in Ventura, California      
1959. Collect mistletoe from the wild with Tom     
1960. Go to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, California    
1961. Give each of my college professors an honest chance before deciding how good a
          teacher they are     
1962. Try some non-dairy products and see if they are any good     
1963. Eat wasabi     
1964. Walk out into the ocean up to my chest and have a BIG wave smash down and
          crush me into the sand     
1965. Step out of my comfort zone more often     
1879. Be a millionaire (in some world currency)
1966. Do something that will benefit mankind     
1967. Experience complete and utter silence     
1968. Use the executive lounge at the airport while waiting for a flight            
1969. Go to the Olympic Village in Park City, Utah and watch the athletes do their stuff            
1970. Go dumpster diving with my brother Tom
1971. Start a non-profit organization or foundation
1972. Eat raw fish     
1973. Have my DNA tested     
1974. Do a second test of my DNA to validate the findings of the first test     
1975. Find a hummingbird’s nest in the wild and watch the mother feed her young 
1976. Be able to die with some scars on my body that have some cool stories to them
1977. Buy the perfect pair of sun glasses
1978. While hiking, find a mountain stream and lay down in it
1979. See what it’s like to get shin splints. (Then recover from shin splints)
1980. Help catch a thief and get him/her behind bars
1981. Get a personal trainer for Donna
1982. Die in a dream 
1983. Eat something made on an Indian reservation
1984. Get rid of my telephone land line    
1985. Go bush-whacking in some tough unmarked wilderness area      
1986. See how long I can ride a shopping cart without having to push it     
1987. Get within 20 feet of a very big wild animal     
1988. See a set of authentic conopic jars (4 burial jars that Egyptians used to store the vital
         organs of a mummy they were embalming.)     
1989. Do 90 of the 100 most accomplished goals found on the www.43things.com website    
1990. Stay tattoo free all  my life 
1991. Stay body piercing free all my life 
1992. Share 30 of my favorite websites  (See Appendix 35) 
1993. Feed an Elephant     
1994. Do all my banking online     
1995. Post old family history photographs on the internet for others to enjoy     
1996. Take more than 1,000 pictures with my I-Phone 
1997. Take my son on an inside tour of the Oscar Meyer wiener-mobile     
1998. Toss a pair of shoes on the “shoe tree” in Park City     
1999. Find something really unique and bizarre in the desert 
2000. Experience altitude sickness 
2001. Have a notable impact on the lives of at least 100 people 
2002. Make onion rings from onions I’ve grown myself 
2003. Find something or someone that died in an avalanche 
2004. Be a tourist in my own home valley and visit 25 places I’ve never been before 
2005. Know someone from each state of the Union 
2006. See moon beans in the night sky 
2007. Get a wild bird to eat out of my hand 
2008. Eat an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) 
2009. Visit the Bahi Temple in Chicago, Illinois 
2010. Cut down a banana tree with a single swipe of a sword 
2011. Walk into an ice cave that was formed by wind currents 
2012. Be in among a herd of wild animals without them running away or attacking me 
2013. Swim in a flooded ditch after a rain storm 
2014. Learn how to make descent pickles 
2015. Chase a skunk without getting sprayed 
2016. Drink from a mountain spring without filtering the water and without getting
         giardia or any other parasites 
2017. Drink Mexican hot chocolate 
2018. Rent a P.O Box  
2019. Eat an entire pizza by myself 
2020. Find a dead dragonfly and keep it 
2021. Eat a McRib Sandwich from McDonalds 
2022. Stop and give a great sincere, heartfelt  “Good Morning” salutation to a Nun 
2023. Take a picture of 50 unique doors (Seep appendix 38)
2024. Eat halibut and cod fish before they are put on the endangered species list, or
         worse, before they go extinct 
2025. Hike down to Moody Falls (below Havasupai Falls) without dying
2026. Make sushi 
2027. Eat some of the BYU (Brigham Young University) blue corn tortilla chips and
         see what happens. 
2028. Collect a license plate from each state of the Union (Appendix 39) 
2029. Eat a bacon maple donut   
2030. Grow a BLACK flower 
2031. Taste a bento box 
2032. Go to quality restaurants starting with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z
2033. Eat tacos from a roadside stand in Tijuana, Mexico 
2034. Say a special THANK YOU to someone 
2035. Eat stuff outside of my comfort zone 
2036. Have a lawyer write up a trust for me and my family 
2037. Be passionate about a cause 
2038. Learn how to make a dish and become known for that dish 
2039. Help Matt James get his Eagle Scout award 
2040. The a Rorschach test and see how crazy I am 
2041. Learn how to suture a wound 
2042. Drive over Hell’s Backbone in Southern Utah 
2043. Eat a moon pie 
2044. Explore the tide pools at Dana Point more 
2045. Get on the Junior High basketball team 
2046. Get on the Junior High football team 
2047. Get on the high school track team 
2048. Watch the sun set from the sea cave at the end of Dana Point as the tide is
          coming in
2049. Play miniature golf and get good at it 
2050. Visit Multnomah Falls, Oregon 
2051. Eat at that really nice vintage restaurant across the street to the north of the old mission in San Juan Capistrano, California 
2052. Leave an inspiring note in a library book 
2053. Eat a blood orange and see how it tastes different from other oranges 
2054. Roast a whole bulb of garlic and eat it
2055. Leave my hand print in wet concrete 
2056. Buy a diamond ring for my sweetheart 
2057. See what it’s like to get road rash (without being hospitalized for it) 
2058. Take a walk in the rain 
2059. Take a long walk in a big time serious snow storm 
2060. Grow massively huge sunflowers and use the heads to feed the birds with all the seeds
          I harvest from it 
2061. Do something that I thought I would never do 
2062. Visit the old Spanish mission in San Juan Capistrano where the swallows come back
         the same day each year 
2063. Grow red sunflowers 
2064. Discover some new herbs and spices I’ve never tried before and learn how to
         cook with them 
2065. Go to a concert in the park 
2066. Visit a Buddhist temple  
2067. Teach someone how to drive a car 
2068. Eat a fresh fig (no dried figs allowed for this goal)
2069. Ride the Octopus at the Rock County Fair 
2070. Play the leading role in a play 
2071. Eat a Krispy Kreme hot off the conveyer belt 
2072. Have surgery done on my sinuses so that I get some relief from sinus headaches 
2073. Give money to a homeless person 
2074. Run up to President Richard Nixon’s Western White  House (or at least to the
         property as far as the security guys would let me go 
2075. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride 
2076. Jump using a pogo stick 
2077. Have the career of my dreams 
2078. Survive a serious fire experience 
2079. Live in a house that I love living in 
2080. Make and taste fried ice cream 
2081. See the Chrystal Cathedral  Garden Grove, California 
2082. Carry on a conversation in Mandarin Chinese 
2083. Ride a Greyhound bus out of my home state 
2084. Complete 30 bucket list goals in 30 days, from September 27th to October 27th
2085. Get a hot shave with an old fashioned straight edge razor 
2086. Leave a significant sum of money in plain sight somewhere in the mountains for someone
         to find. However, it can NOT be on a well worn trail. It will be found only be someone
         with an adventurous soul who doesn’t mind doing some bush whacking. 
2087. Buy a nice fountain pen 
2088. Listen to a complete stranger tell me about a person they are having a problem with.
         When they are done, recommend that they get a gun and shoot the person and be done
         with it. See what response I get.
2089. Drive a convertible with a roof down 
2090. Drive an awesome sporty car that makes me feel like a kid again 
2091. Say YES to everything for 1 day 
2092. Make and eat a funnel cake 
2093. Unwrap a starburst candy in my mouth with my tongue, no hands 
2094. Get my journals, letter book and histories hard bound 
2095. Play my recorder (my wooden flute, not a tape recorder) in the desert, the mountain
         or some secluded   
2096. Die Easter Eggs with silk fabric and see how it turns out 
2097. Tell a veteran that I appreciate all he’s done for me, my family and my country and
          buy him lunch or do something to thank him     
2098. Withdraw $50 from my savings account in $1 bills and leave the bills around town for
          people to find 
2099. Submit one of my own photographs to the online LDS Media Library 
2100. Spend time staying at a lakeside home or hotel 
2101. Learn to play Mahjong 
2102. Learn to dream lucidly 
2103. Visit the graves of my ancestors 
2104. Work on doing a better job of staying focused and on task 
2105. Make a colorful, warm, wonderfully soft quilt and give it to a child I do not know 
2106. Try not to whistle so much when I’m around my family 
2107. Kiss someone with my eyes open 
2108. Learn an artesian craft that I didn’t know how to do before  
2109. Make homemade lemonade 
2110. Drop from a very high placed to the ground by jumping from a building or a cliff, grabbing
         the top of a supple tree and letting the tension of the tree safely slow down my descent. 
2111. Spend at least one night in a hospital 
2112. Win at least one game of Monopoly 
2113. Write a letter to a head of an organization and get a telephone call in response to my
2114. See what it’s like to be bitten by a snake 
2115. Eat more fruits and veggies in my daily diet 
2116. Silk screen an awesome design on a tee shirt 
2117. Make sparks come out of the ends of my fingers 
2118. See what it’s like to throw up blood 
2119. Learn to make awesome Chinese pot stickers 
2120. Come up with a great dipping sauce for the pot stickers I make 
2121. Touch a real live bat (Fleutermouse) and not get rabies   
2122. I want to hear my father tell me that he's proud of me
2123. Take and pass the test to become a United States citizen
2124. Take a picture of someone who does not want their picture taken
2125. Survive the world disasters that are supposed to come at the end of the
          Mayan Calendar
2126. Learn how to  make gourmet ganache truffles
2127. Learn about Chakras and how to realign them to create perfect body harmony
2128. Skip school for a day. . . or two. . . or more
2129. Try walking a slack line
2130. Hit the bullseye with a bow and arrow
2131. Buy an external hard drive with some very serious amounts of memory
2132. Own a music collection of more than 200,000 songs
2133. Buy ice cream from a Good Humar ice cream truck
2134. Learn more about the Ogallala Aquifer
2135. Walk bare foot in the snow
2136. See if toilets really do flush counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere
2137. Read something written by a Holocaust survivor
2138. Learn more about the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico
2139. Watch butterflies hatch from their chrysalises
2140. Do an "Explore California" road trip
2141. Learn to make tortillas from scratch
2142. Read the book The Life of Pi then watch the movie
2143. Own a piece of stone used to build a very ancient building inhabited
          by ancient people
2144. Have a pair of shoes specially hand made just for me
2145. Learn to make some national dishes of specific countries
2146. Walk along the ocean  beach by myself after midnight
2147. Have lunch with a complete stranger
2148. Have breakfast served to me in bed
2149. Eat at the very least, 10 different Indain dishes
2150. Make a hot tea made from something I harvest from the wild and then
          drink it
2151. Eat a cactus
2152. Eat an artichoke
2153. Eat cat tail roots
2154. Harvest honey from a wild bee hive
2155. Eat an inanimage object (a coin, a BB, dirt, a stone, a paper note, etc.)
2156. Enter an eating contest of some kind
2157. Eat something from a street vendor in a 3rd world country
2158. Eat something that is still moving
2159. Eat something that is utterly disgusting (besides the things that is still
          moving in the previous goal
2160. Eat or drink something that is so cold it takes my site away
2161. Experience a "knock you on your butt" electrical shock
2162. Do something that is actually good for me, every day for a month
2163. See what it's like to lose conciousness
2164. Undergo an invasive surgery using only local anesthesia
2165. Undergo an invasive surgery and watch what the doctor is doing, asking
          questions and watching him cut part of my body away.
2166. Burn something I once held dear to me
2167. Attend the services of someone else's religion
2168. Have the courage and compassion enough to euthenize a pet when it
          needs to be put to sleep
2169. Get an industry certification
2170. Take a course/class/seminar that forces me to reevaluate my basic core
          beliefs about who I am and what I want out of life
2171. Discover who my biological father is
2172. Do something very romantic
2173. Steal something and don't get caught
2174. Spend the winter in a VERY COLD place (I hate winter and
          I don't like being cold)
2175. Blow something up
2176. Feed a live animal to a snake
2177. Shower during a thunder storm and see if anything happens
2178. Survive a curse
2179. Stay in a cockroach hotel; I mean a real dive of a place where I know
          that I'm going to wake up the next mornign with bedbug bits up
          and down my legs
2180. Visit an embassy in a foreign country
2181. Smuggle something through customs (by the way, this goal
          really is not recommended for anyone who might find it to
          harrowing to spend time in prison in a foreign country.)
2182. See the Southern Cross in the sky 
2183. Go deep into the wilderness and camp for an extended stay
2184. Build a piece of furniture
2185. Read a galley copy of someone's book
2186. Cut up a piece of furniture with a chain saw
2187. Shot off an illegal firework and talk my way out of a ticket
2188. Write an article that gets published
2189. Take a picture of someone who does NOT want their picture taken
2190. Sign a petition of significant importance
2191. Win a contest sponsored by a radio station
2192. Invests in precious metals
2193. Break into a place after it has been closed and secured
2194. Tresspass on a military fascility without getting caught
2195. Tresspass on government property where signs are posted and fences
          have been constructed to keep people out
2196. Be a door to door salesman
2197. Haggle with someone in an open air market
2198. While negotiating a contract, make an insanely unrealistic proposal and
          see what happens
2199. Be part of a class action law suit
2200. Hire someone
2201. Fire someone
2202. Go into business with a friend
2203. Walk off a really lousy job and never come back again
2204. Apply for a job that I am hopelessly over qualified and over educated for
2205. Quit a job without having another one lined up
2206. Apply for a job that I have absolutely no hope of getting
2207. Carry on a conversation with someone who is cerifiably crazy
2208. Survive a bite from another human being
2209. Live for at least 1 year in a nation that is ruled by a dictator
2210. Acquire a taste for something that most people cannot stand
2211. Be a member of a significant committee
2212. Give someone some unsolicited advice and see what they do with it
2213. Radically change my appearance
2214. Remove hair from my body using a chemical solution
2215. Remove hair from my body using a  wax treatment 
2216. Start a rumor and see how far it goes
2217. Act as a mediator between two opposing sides
2218. Ride a tobaggon
2219. Snowshoe in the back wilderness country
2220. Fight someone in a real competition
2221. Go bouldering
2222. Get punched in the gut at least once
2223. Go off roading in the desert
2224. Ride a snowmobile
2225. Drive safely through a severe tire blowout without wrecking the car or the wheel
2226. Explore an old abandoned mine
2227. Climb down to the bottom of Mooney Falls near Havasupai Falls
2228. Get punched in the face at least once in my life; I mean seriously punched
2229. Experience a rip tide
2230. Run until I reach a point of sheer and utter exhaustion
2231. Walk on the ledge of a building
2232. Go wake boarding
2233. Run down the face of a mountain
2234. Cross the street while pretending to be blind
2235. Drive in a foreign country
2236. Ride a Go Cart
2237. Jump from a moving:
  • Car
  • Bike
  • Train
  • Water Craft
2238. Be the driver of a commuter van
2239. Buy something I could not afford to buy
2240. Begin researching my genetic family line
2241. Find the very best tamale in the WORLD
2242. Leave my name on a community wall
2243. Hold a grandchild in my arms
2244. Help someone find themself
2245. Roast peppers
2246. Survive an especially nasty disease
2247. Teach my children how to can and preserve food they've grown
2248. Purposely walk under a ladder and see if any kind of bad luck occurs
2249. Purposely expose myself to something I am allergic to and see what happens
2250. Sing someone to sleep
2251. Win a raffle
2252. Do a Polar Ice Plunge
2253. See if there is a book so Awful that I Cannot Finish Reading it
2254. See Rembrandt's painting, The Dutch Masters
2255. Get up close to a Moose in the wild
2256. Rock side to side so hard in a moving elevator that the elevator stops
2257. Travel the world with somone I love
2258. Ask the 10 "end of life" questions
2259. Do a 365 day challenge (I put aside $1 a day for 365 days and then used
          to money to buy surguries that restore eyesight to those who have lost
          their sight due to cateracts.
2260. Do the Mr. Chesley Science Experiment. This experiment consists of keeping
          a large piece of fruit in a sealed container and let the bacteria eat all the
          contents up. When it's done eating all the contents up, it will  begin to consume
          itself until only 1 bacteria is left. It will then die of starvation, leaving only
          pure water. Of course, this is all theoretical. I want to see if it works in reality.
2261. Eat falafal
2262. Cuddle up with my wife when she is 9 months pregnant and feel my child in
2263. Eat at least 100 flavors of the 200+ flavors of Lays potato chips (In progress)
2264. Lay my body across the Four Corners Monument
2265. Watch the Harlem Globe Trotters play a game of basketball
2266. Ride in a horse drawn sleigh in the winter time
2267. Use one of those coton candy machines and make a huge ball of cotton candy
2268. Visit a country or territory for each letter of the alphabet
2269. Find somone who has had an honest to goodnes near life experinece and
         talk with them about it
2270. Walk from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Luverne, Minnesota
2271. Create a postive cast of a wild animal track
2272. Smash a melon to smithereens with a baseball bat
2273. Make a list of 100 things I want to do before I turn 65
2274. Walk through a building that is honestly haunted with evil spirits
2275. Try a dermabrassion on my face and see what it's like
2276. Explore an attic that is filled with some really cool boxes of things
2277. Skinny dip in a geothermal hotpot in Yellowstone National Park
2278. Drive the 4 great drives in the United States (In Progress)
    • U.S. Route 1 that goes from Maine to Florida
    • Route 66 from start to end
    • The Great River Road
    • The Pacific Coast Highway
2279. Do something awesome in ever state in the US (In Progress)
2280. Do 10 things from the booke titled Change the World for a Fiver
2281. Go where nobody knows my name
2282. Buy a piece of art or artifact that has an interesting story behind it
2283. Read 5 books by 5 authors I have never heard of before
2284. Learn how to cook scallops perfectly
2285. Refuse to go to Burning Man festival (everyone has that on their bucket
          list. So, I've decided that this is one place I don't want to go, since it seems
          to me that it will be terribly over crowded.)
2286. Have an all timefavorate summer time Southern California beach song that
          whenever I hear it, it remindes me of all the wonderful summer days I spent
          living in San Clemente, California  as a kid (In the Summer Time by Mungo Jerry)
2287. Eat sugar cane right out of the field
2288. Learn how to make awesomely tasty pretzels
2289. Touch a real stalagtite and stalagmite
2290. Go back and visit every home I've ever lived in in the U.S.
2291. Take a statistics class and pass it (I barely passed it but I did it.)
2292. Learn to recognize that call of at least 30 wild birds
2293. Regift something
2294. Eat at a real Ameican diner
2295. Avoid McDonald's Restaurant for 1 year
2296. Take some fun college classes
2297. Do a 500 piece puzzle
2298. Find a very quiet place in the moutains where no one will bother me
          and go there to be alone and meditate
2299. Own an ant farm
2300. Give up Mt. Dew for lent
2301. Beat death at least once (I did this one 4 times)
2302. Learn how to make fortune cookies and the make some
2303. Throw a full lighter into a fire and see what happens
2304. Sit under the San Clemente pier at night
2305. Find someone who was born on exactly the sam day as I was and get
          to know them
2306. Cook a serious meal on a very hot rock
2307. Learn more about Australian aboriginal dream time
2308. Own some loyalty stocks
2309. Build a cabin along the Rock River
2310. Visit Kolab Canyon in Utah
2311. Visit the lighthouse in Cedar City, Utah
2312. Play human fooseball
2313. See an Iridium flare
2314. WOW someone with something I've done in my life
2315. Experience what it's like to lose consciencness but be awake enough to see
         it coming
2316. Buy flowers for my wife at least once a month every month for a year
2317. Learn how to make beagles
2318. Put a lime in a coconut and drink them all up (thank you Nielson)
2319. Make a dish my wife finds posted on Pinterest
2320. Undergo an invasive surgery involving local aeisthesia
2321. Write an article and submit it to Wikipedia
2322. Discover the "Spirit" of the Rock River
2323. Create something that will last long after my death
2324. Walk at least 1,000 miles
2325. Swim among the sharks without a shark cage
2326. Learn how to sing a song in another language
2327. Own an expensive road bike
2328. Buy something hot and tasty for one of those guys who ring the Salvation Army
          bell at Christmas time
2329. Take a ride on an old steam powered steam engine
2330. Go somewhere that requires me to wear a head lamp
2331. Climb all the way up that stupid rope in the gymnasium at Luverne Elementary
2332. Find an authentic WW II Japaese pillbox and go explore inside
2333. Experience 4 extreme climates:
  • Desert  DONE
  • Jungle  DONE
  • Mountain  DONE
  • Arctic 
2334. Make handprints on the wall of a cave using the same technique the ancients used
2335. Be personally involved in a Las Vegas wedding ceremony
2336. Buy a lunch from one of those traveling food trucks (we used to call them the
          Roach Coach)
2337. Watch air airshow with the Blue Angles
2338. Get lost in a foreign country
2339. Travel to a remote place where I have no idea where I'm going to sleep and that has
          no hotels or commerical places for visitors to sleep
2340. Find something really ugly and then wear it in public
2394. Be personally involved in a Las Vegas wedding  
2395. Make handprints on a cave wall using the same technique as the ancient ones used
2396. Experience 4 extreme climates 
2397. Go inside an authentic Japanese WWII pill box (bomb shelter)     
2398. Climb all the way up that stupid rope in the gymnasium in Luverne
          Elementary School.    
2399. Sleep overnight in the upstairs of an old farm house with the windows open and
          listen to crickets and katydids outside on a hot summer night   
2400. Take a ride on one of those old coal fired steam engine trains     
2401. Go somewhere that requires me to use a head lamp     
2402. Buy something warm and tasty for those guys that ring the bell at those
          Salvation Army kettles during the Christmas season  
2403. Eat a sample of every fruit I can find from around the world
2404. Learn to sing a song in another language 
2405. Own an expensive road bike    
2406. Swim among the sharks     
2407. Walk at least 1,000 miles 
2408. Discover the “Spirit” of the Rock River 
2409. Create something that will last long after I have left this world   
2410. Visit more antique stores and see if I can find that special “thing” I’ve been
           looking for 
2411.  Put the lime in the coconut and I drink it up (think Harry Nielson)  
2412.  Learn how to make beagles 
2413.  Submit an article to Wikipedia or make some serious and significant edits
           to an existing Wikipedia article   
2414.  Make $1,000,000 (1 million) U.S. American dollars before I turn 60   
2415.  Undergo an invasive surgical procedure involving local anesthesia     
2416.  Experience what it’s like to lose consciousness and be alert enough to see
           myself losing consciousness  
2417.  Buy flowers every month for a year (at the very least) for my wife Donna 
2418.  Wow someone with all the cool things I’ve done with my life    
2419.  Play human foosball    
2420.  See an iridium flare 
2421.  Visit the light house I pass by in Cedar City, Utah  every time I drive to
           St. George or to California     
2422.  Become fluent in speaking Pig Latin     
2423.  Visit Kolab Canyon  
2424.  Build a cabin along the Rock River from trees harvested by me and my brother
           from the woods along the river 
2425.  Take part in a medical trial or new procedure of some kind     
2426.  Cook a meat dish on a hot rock     
2427.  Own some loyalty stocks 
2428.  Find Elder Melvin K. Miller, that skinny little Hawaiian guy who was my
           first missionary companion in the mission field and tell him “Thank You” for
           the incredible job he did training me for what was to come during the following
           year and a half of my mission    
2429.  Meet someone who was born exactly the same day and year I was   
2430.  Learn more about Australian aboriginal dream time
2431.  Sit under the San Clemente pier with someone and talk about some serious things    
2432.  Own a computer    
2433.  Throw a full cigarette lighter into a fire and see what happens     
2434.  Make my own fortune cookies   
2435.  Beat death at least once     
2436.  Do a cross word puzzle all the way through to completion and get the
           right answers     
2437.  Find something really cool on Pinterest and do it, cook it, or in some way,
           make it happen    
2438.  Own an ant farm     
2439.  Make a candle        
2440.  Give up all caffeinated drinks (Mt. Dew, Rock Star, etc.) for lent     
2441.  Sit on the roof of my house and watch the sun come up on a clear sub-freezing
           winter morning      
2442.  Do a 500 piece puzzle      
2443.  Find a secret place in the mountains where I can go to be completely alone,
           to meditate, to think and to talk with God   
2444.  Take some fun college classes  
2445.  Visit more antique stores and see if I can find that special “thing” I’ve been
           looking for
2446.  Avoid eating a McDonalds for 1 year    
2447.  Re-gift something  
2448.  Eat at a real American diner    
2449.  Identify the call of at least 30 different birds      
2450.  Complete a statistics class in college and get a high enough score that I don’t
           ever have to take another one again    
2451.  Be more appreciative and understanding of the use of symbolism 
2452.  Go back and see every house I’ve ever lived in within the United States     
2453.  Touch a real stalactite and stalagmite 
2454.  Learn how to make awesome soft bread pretzels    
2455.  Find an all time favorite summer time song that every time I hear it or sing it,
           I will remember my endless wonderful summers and summer days at the beach
           as a teenager in San Clemente, California  
2456.  Eat raw sugar cane right out of a sugar cane field     
2457.  Refuse to go to the Burning Man Festival (so far, so good)
2458.  Learn how to cook scallops so that they turn out deliciously perfect   
2459.  Read 5 books by 5 authors I have never heard of before   
2460.  Buy a piece of art or an artifact that has an interesting story behind it 
2461.  Do 10 things from the book, “Change the World for a Fiver”     
2462.  Go someplace where nobody knows my name   
2463.  Do something awesome in every state in the union (See appendix 43)
2464.  Drive the 4 great drives in the United States 
2465.  Skinny dip in a geothermal hot pot in Yellowstone National Park 
2466.  Explore an old attic filled with really cool things 
2467.  Try a dermabrasion on my face and see what it’s like 
2468.  Walk through a building that is haunted with evil spirits 
2469.  Smash a melon to smithereens with a metal baseball bat
2470.  Create a100 Things to Do Before I Turn 65 bucket list and do as many as of them
           as I can. Create it with input from Donna since she will do some of these things
           with me. (see Appendix 44)  
2471.  Create  a positive cast of a wild animal track 
2472.  Walk from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Luverne, Minnesota 
2473.  Meet someone who has had a near death experience and talk to them in detail
           about what it was like and what they’ve learned from it
2474.  Visit a country or territory that starts with each letter of the alphabet 
2475.  Ride in a horse drawn sleigh in the winter time 
2476.  Taste at least 100 different flavors of Lays Potato Chips 
           (see Appendix 45)  70 completed so far.
2477.  Use one of those cotton candy machines to make a cotton candy ball as big as
           I’ve always wanted to have when I was a kid 
2478.  Watch the Harlem Globetrotters play basketball 
2479.  Lay my body across the center point at the Four Corners Monument 
2480.  Cuddle up to my wife, holding her tummy when she’s 9 months pregnant
2481.  Eat Falafel and see what it’s like 
2482.  Do a Mr. Chesley Science experiment (see Appendix 46 for pictures and
2483.  Write and get published, an article for an internationally circulated magazine
2484.  Celebrate a birthday overseas in a foreign land 
2485.  See Rembrandt’s painting The Dutch Masters
2486.  Pick a travel idea from a Sunset Magazine and go do it 
2487.  Get up close to a wild moose in the wilderness 
2488.  Rock side to side in a moving elevator so hard that it stops to elevator
           between floors 
2489.  Have my own calling card
2490.  Do something “Earthy” for Earth Day
2491.  Legally change Dan’s name to include my middle name 
2492.  Collect a wasp’s nest bigger than a football  
2493.  Make a hard bound book from scratch with sewn signatures. Make it so it will
           last for more than 100 years  
2494.  Learn how to play least 5 songs on a guitar  
2495.  Do a 365 day challenge (do something every day of the year) 
2496.  Answer the 10 “End of Life Questions” in a way that I can feel good
           about  (See Appendix 47)    
2497.  Write and send off a message in a bottle 
2498.  Eat the 15 American foods that foreigner s find weird or disgusting 
2499.  Become an accredited genealogist    
2500.  Learn to cook a national Malaysian food dish 
2501.  Place a full bird feeder outside my window and watch all the birds that come
           to feed there.
2502.  Go to a Joshua James concert with Jesse 
2503.  Travel the world with someone I love
2504.  Collect at least 20 video versions of “ A Christmas Carol”
2505.  Walk across the old abandoned San Luis Rey Old River bridge before it
           is torn down and forever lost 
2506.  Collect sea glass 
2507.  Take a Thai cooking class and learn how to make sticky rice with sweet
           coconut cream sauce and sweet mango 
2508.  Learn how to make that wonderfully sweet and coconutty sweet sticky rice
           desert with sweet coconut cream and mangos  
2509.  Go to the Dana Point tide pools during a minus tide 
2510.   Build or buy a bat house (for bats, not the batman kind of bat house. That’s a
           bat cave and I’m not interested in making a bat cave.) 
2511.  Create something that will long outlast me 
2512.  Be cited by someone else in a professional publication (in paper or on line) 
2513.  Change jobs so that I can get into something that really stretches me
2514.  Reforest 5 to 10 acres of land 
2515.  Eat a raw oyster 
2516.  Go on a cross country trip and see some touristy roadside attractions 
2517.  Eat seafood at Bear Flag restaurant on the peninsula in Newport Beach, California
2518.  Visit Venice Beach in Venice, California 
2519.  Stay the night in a haunted hotel and see if I experience any “paranormal action.”
2520.  Get a wild bird to eat out of my hand 
2521.  Take part in a photograph scavenger hunt 
2522.  Stay overnight on Coronado Island and visit the Hotel Del Coronado 
2523.  Learn how to make a desert out of sticky rice 
2524.  Eat some of that famous Andersen split pea soup in Buellton, California 
2525.  See the Nit Wit Cottage on Nit Wit Ridge in Cambria, California 
2526.  At least once in my life, stay the night in a  hostel 
2527.  Visit the Danish village of Solvang in central California 
2528.  Visit Hurst Castle in San Simian 
2529.  Walk on a black sand beach 
2530.  Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium 
2531.  Attend a NGS (National Genealogical Society) or FGS (Federation of
           Genealogical Societies) conference 
2532.  Taste a Dirty Dr. Pepper and a Mango Mt. Dew from the Sip Shack in
           St. George Utah 
2533.  Start some fun family traditions 
2534.  Eat an Otter Bar 
2535.  Go to an Elton John concert 
2536.  Send my compliments to the chef 
2537.  Make my own root beer and have a root beer float party for the entire 
2538.  Go to Mall of America
2539.  Ask someone else to come up with a bucket list goal for me 
2540.  Have someone else pay for me to travel overseas to more than 1 country
2541.  Pay it forward to at least 50 people 
2542.  Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Oho
2543.  Eat a Kobe beef hot dog from Red Dog's
2544.  Touch a cadaver
2545.  Hold a hummingbird in my hand and marvel at the features of this 
           remarkable bird 
2546.  Walk through the Kirtland Temple
2547.  Walk through the place where the School of the Prophets was held
2547.  Eat something from a specialty food truck
2548.  Do my best to make this world a little less polluted by using less
           plastic and styrofoam
2549.  Inspire a teenager to do something to make the world a little better place.
2550.  Speak in front of a crowd of at least 1,000 people
2551.  Walk among the clouds
2552.  Learn how to make incense
2553.  Get a VIP pass to some kind of important event
2554.  Back pack for at least a week through Yellowstone National Park
2555.  Pass my knowledge about life on to future generations
2556.  Learn how to swallow a sword
2557.  Eat a lotus root
2558.  See my name in the cover of a published book
2559.  Do a book review for a professional journal
2560.  Read 15 books that I will never forget
2561.  Record the oral history of my great great grandfather's daughter, Cora 
           Leicher Fisher

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