Friday, March 7, 2014

Be in a Real Life Car Chase

If you really want an adrenalin rush, get in a real live car chase. I'm talking about one of those car chases where if you don't do it right, you can get your car smashed to pieces and then you get your face smashed in. I mean some serious chasing with some dangerous consequences of you mess up.

When I was still single and living in California, my friend Rick and I were driving back from Newport Beach when a car full of guys pulled up in front of us. No clue who these guys were but they were making some stupid comments and we just gave that “how juvenile. Why do you guys start acting your age” look, which they obviously didn't appreciate.

As we drove down the coast highway they started playing road games with us. It was funny at first but then they got a bit cocky and stupid and we started worrying about some cop seeing us and pulling us over. Rick was worried because he didn't have his license with him, his car wasn't registered and he had a ticket (or two, or three. . .) he hadn't taken care of. Rick was one of those guys that couldn't ever be bothered with those little details. We definitely wanted to avoid getting pulled over. So, we came speeding past those kids at a pretty good clip. As we did that, Rick turned on his cop siren that he had hidden in his car and pulled out a cop badge he had tucked inside his wallet. Yea, that's Rick. It was all very convincing to anyone taking a quick look at it.

As soon as those guys heard the siren and saw Rick flip out his cop badge they pulled over, just in time for us to go speeding past them. They were not at all happy with our little stunt and the funny stuff was over. Now they were serious. 

They pulled out a couple baseball bats and sped up to us (driving about 95 mph) and took a couple of swings at our car with their bats. They were yelling all kinds of threats at us, saying that they were going to use their baseball bats on us after they destroyed our car. Now things were getting serious. 

We dodged in and out of traffic staying out of their way until we got to the Shore Cliffs where we could turn off in Capistrano Beach. We knew where it was and where it went but they didn’t. We let them get right behind us and at the very last second we took a hard left turn and caught them completely off guard. It took them a about 20 seconds to realize what we had done and turn around. That was just enough time for Rick and I to ditch them in a special hiding place that Rick often used to ditch the cops. 

We never saw them again after that. We laid low for the rest of the afternoon just in case they decided to hang around. Wow! What an adrenaline rush! I often wonder what would have really happened if they would have gotten us to pull over and stop. We weren’t stupid enough to find out.