Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goal #1688: See the Midnight Sun in Alaska

I have always heard about the midnight sun in the far north but I’d never seen it. I got my chance when I went to Alaska with my brother and his son to visit my two sisters who lived in Anchorage. It was in June when the salmon were running and the sun didn’t set.

My sister and her husband decided to take us to the Kenai Peninsula to do some serious salmon fishing and see what the Alaskan wilderness is really like. It was so great!  We sat around the fire until 2am talking and enjoyed the light. I kept looking about me thinking it was so strange to have it so light outside at such an early hour in the morning. It wasn’t bright like it is in the middle of the day. Instead, it was more like that dusky time on a summer day after the sun goes down over the mountains but it’s still light out. You can see great without any need of a flashlight or any other light source. For someone who loves light, this was wonderful.

As we talked I could hear that sad lonely call of the Loon off on the lake. My body said it was tired but my mind kept telling me that it was not time to go to sleep because I was getting all that natural light stimulation. It was such a funny feeling. I loved it. I can only image what this place is like in the winter when they get only a few brief hours of light each day. No thank you.

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