Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goal #2022: Stop and Give a Sincere, Heartfelt "Good Morning" Salutation to a Nun

I really like Nuns. I’m serious. Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was The Flying Nun. To this day Sally Fields can do no wrong in my book because in my mind, she was a very nice (albeit a bit odd with all that flying and stuff) nun for all of my childhood.

All of the nuns I’ve ever known were so pleasant and kind. But then again, I never had to go to a Catholic school and have a nun be my teacher. But for me, my past experiences with nuns has been positive. Have you ever noticed that Nuns smile a lot? They really do. They genuinely seem to be very happy people. They smile a lot and they have always been quite kind to me. Even when I was a missionary and stopped to talk to them, they were very polite and tolerant of my differing religious views. Of course, I made it a point never to debate religion with a Nun. It always seemed to be in poor taste to do such a thing.

The way I see it, anyone who makes a promise to dedicate her entire life to Christ and marries herself to him, not getting any of the advantages of a real and tangible husband, has got to be a pretty remarkable woman. The very least I can do when I see them is to be sincerely cordial and give them a heartfelt and meaningful salutation with hopes for a very pleasant day. They deserve that and so much more.   

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