Monday, December 10, 2012

Goal #1833: Kiss a Beautiful Woman in the Rain

Some things in life are done simply for the pure joy of doing it. They enhance the quality of our life experiences. They just make life better for having done it. This goal of kissing a beautiful woman in the rain is one of those great life enhancing experiences.

Kissing a beautiful woman in the rain is that experience you read about in romance novels and see in the movies. It just feels great. I did this with a dashingly beautiful woman. We did it on a boat in the Caribbean as we were going to the dock St. Martin’s Island. It began to rain, but it wasn’t such a heave rain as to soak us to the bone and ruin the mood. Getting a kiss from a beautiful woman is a great thing to do. But doing this in the rain with such a beautiful woman make the experience unforgetable. It’s wonderful.

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