Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goal #199: Do a Night Dive with Scuba Gear

My first night dive took place when I was visiting my brother in Puerto Rico. Dan had a dive shop so getting the equipment was no problem and he knew the terrain. I was still in the process of becoming scuba certified. After diving for no more than a couple of days, Dan decided to take me out for a night dive.

My night dive was nothing like I had expected; not in my wildest dreams. You can see only as far as the beam of your flashlight projects into the dark of the ocean, which was about 8 feet in front of me and about 2 feet wide. The light illuminated the eyes of thousands shrimp, giving the dark abyss in front of me the sense that there are thousands of dancing spirits in front of me. I never would have dared to go if Dan wasn’t right by me. However, many times I lost sight of Dan’s light beam, leaving me alone in the black emptiness of the ocean. It was on this night dive that I swam into a sea cave and happened upon a shark that was swimming quietly about. You cannot possibly image what thoughts went through my mind when I saw that shark. I wasted no time getting out of there, always looking back, expecting that I was going to be supper to some shark at any moment. Night diving was one of those experiences that just can’t be replicated. It was a remarkable adrenalin rush!

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